November 21, 2019

5 Times Every Student Could Really Use A Care Package

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One of the easiest ways to send that message is to do it with a special delivery. Care packages come in all shapes and sizes with different purposes and meanings. If you’re looking for an excuse to send one, we’ve come up with the five times every college student can really use a care package.

1. The College Cold

There is nothing worse than being sick in college. Not only is your mom not around to make our favorite soup or bring us that extra blanket, we have to spend our recovery stuck in a drafty, sometimes boring dorm room with just our Netflix account to keep us company.

The Perfect Package: Any care package with soup, tea, or comfort foods will do our sick bodies some good and warm our hearts.

2. The Rejection Depression

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It happens to every college kid. It may be not landing a part in the theater performance, being turned away from a club, or just not getting the accolades from a professor we thought we deserved. Either way, we could use some extra support.

The Perfect Package: A care package that motivates us with a happy card about how proud you are of us for trying and maybe some extra sugar for a little pep in our step.

3. The Holiday Build-Up

You think you’re excited for us to be home? No way! We’re PUMPED! We packed our bags a month ago and have been crossing the days off our wall calendar. We just need the focus to get through the last few weeks….

The Perfect Package: Dorm room and apartment life doesn’t make it easy for us to stay in the spirit. Get festive with holiday themed packages. Even Valentine’s day could use a special shoutout.

4. The Exam Week Chaos

We don’t want to fail! We need this test to pass! We’re going to go mad if we spend any more time in the library! SEND HELP!

The Perfect Package: We need a little help chilling out and focusing (can you tell?). Gift us a package that is full of healthy, nutritious brain food and take-along snacks for study sessions.

5. The ‘We Miss You Too’

It’s hard to be so far away, even if we don’t say it (or tell you it isn’t true when you ask). Even seniors get homesick from time to time, and all that will make us feel better is to hear you say that you miss us as much as we miss you too.

The Perfect Package: Send it out of the blue on a random day. Add a note from the dog or pick a favorite food we enjoyed together. It’s the little things that show us that you care as much as we do.Check out OCM's wide selection of Care Packages, to cover every occasion from Halloween and Finals Week to Valentines Day!

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