January 1, 2020

8 Heartwarming Valentine’s Day Care Package Ideas For Your Girlfriend

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Finding gifts for Valentine’s Day year in and year out can be tough. You want to get something meaningful, but not too cheesy. You want to get something useful, but not too boring. Care packages are a great gift idea for your girlfriend, whether you are going to be together or apart on V-Day this year. 

For some inspiration, check out this list of eight great Valentine’s Day care packages for your girlfriend.

Your girlfriend will love the date night that comes out of this Valentine’s Day care package.

Game Night Bundle

Some of the best care package ideas are the ones that create an activity for you and your girlfriend. Care packages can be full of things that you wouldn’t normally do on your average date night. One great example of this is creating a game night care package. All you have to do is gather a bunch of fun games that you can play together. The only real limit is to make sure the games can be played with only two people. Card games like Uno are perfect for this. You can also include video games, board games, and trivia games. Pick a few and put them into a package to create the perfect game night bundle. This creates an activity that both you and your girlfriend will love. To spice it up, throw in some snacks for you guys to enjoy together while playing your games.

You can never go wrong with giving a girl her favorite snacks.

Hungry Girlfriend Survival Kit

This idea is very simple and affordable, but incredibly thoughtful. The idea is to create a hungry “survival kit” for your girlfriend. It is supposed to consist of all of your girlfriend’s guilty pleasure snack items. Include all of her favorite snacks from Oreos to Cheeze-Its. Make sure to throw in all kinds of great snacks, both sweet and savory. You can even get creative and include a gift card to her favorite take out restaurant. Or, to skip the hassle of searching for the right foods, send her a Happy Valentine snack pack. You would be surprised at how much just simply knowing what someone’s favorite foods are means. It says that you pay attention to her and that you care enough to go out and gather all of these things. This care package idea will give your girlfriend a chuckle and leave her with a collection of snacks to enjoy. 

This Valentine’s Day gift will let your girlfriend know just how much you love her. 

I Love You With All My ‘Senses’

This care package idea is so special because it requires a lot of thought to personalize it for your girlfriend. Like all great care packages, it is inspired by a pun. I love you with all my ‘senses’ takes a spin on the word sense. Sense, in this case, is supposed to represent your five senses: Sight, Smell, Touch, Sound, and Taste. You are supposed to find a gift for each of those five senses and package them up separately. For taste include your girlfriend’s favorite snack or treat. For smell, you can include a scented candle, lotion, or perfume. For sound, you can include a pair of headphones, concert tickets, or her favorite record. For sight and touch, you can include pretty much anything. For a general rule of thumb, when gifting something for touch make sure it has a cool texture like a scarf or other piece of clothing. For sight, it can be something you would love to see them wear or it could be a cool piece of art, etc. 

This care package idea is a creative way to cook your girlfriend dinner.

Dinner In A Box

This is yet another date night in a box idea, so it is mainly for couples who get to see each other on Valentine’s Day. That being said, it can be tweaked for those who are in long-distance relationships. For this care package idea, you will just need to include all the ingredients for a great dinner at home. There are a few ways to go about this. You can choose to cook for your girlfriend. In this case, you would include all the literal ingredients in the box, then when she opens it she will know that your gonna cook her a delicious meal. Or, you can include something you can cook together. A great idea for this is making your own pizzas. This is a challenge that doubles as a fun activity. 

Your girlfriend will love this care package idea that rolls multiple date night ideas into one gift. 

Date Night Ideas

This care package idea is a little different from the rest on the list. This idea requires little to no cost at all. It is completely customizable to your girlfriend. The idea is to create a bunch of date night ideas and write them down. You can choose how you do this. You can write them on an envelope and put the envelopes in a box, you can write them on little pieces of paper and throw them in a jar, or any other ideas you come up with. Think of these date night ideas as coupons or vouchers. Your girlfriend will be able to cash them in whenever she feels like it. For example, one of them could read a night of bowling, one could read order takeout, one could read go to a local show, etc. 

Your girlfriend will appreciate the sentimental value of this care package.

Our Best Memories

This care package idea is another affordable one. Don’t mistake that to mean it is less meaningful. Your girlfriend might just like this idea more than anything else on this list. For this care package, you really have to take control of the design yourself. There are many different ways you can go about it. The only necessity is to have a bunch of memories. These can be just thoughts in your brain or they can be physical memories like photos or letters. You can create a memory jar. To do so, write down all your favorite memories on little scraps of paper and throw them into a jar. Decorate the outside and your gift is complete. Include small memories that make you smile, not just major events. Another option is to create a little photo album full of memories or create a scrapbook. The options are endless. Feel free to get as creative as you want with this idea.

Any girl that loves spicy foods will appreciate this clever care package.

Hey There ‘Hot’ Stuff

This is yet another pun inspired V-Day care package. Sometimes a pun and a random collection of things is just what is needed to put a smile on your girlfriend’s face. If you decide to use this gift idea, just make sure that your girlfriend likes spicy foods. If she doesn’t, you will want to choose one of the other seven awesome ideas.

 To start out, you will want to go gather all of the spicy foods you can think of to put in your care package. Try getting fun snacks like flaming hot Cheetos, hot tamales and spicy slim jims. Then you can throw in additional items like spicy ramen, her favorite hot sauce, and any other spicy flavored foods. Honestly, the best way to find unique items for this is to head out to the grocery store and search for whatever spicy flavored things they have. You would be surprised how many things you can get that are spicy flavored. 

The final step is to decorate your care package. You will have to put the words “Hey there, hot stuff” on the package. That is super important. If you don’t put those words in a noticeable spot, your girlfriend will be very confused. Consider adding some flames to finish off the look. 

You can’t go wrong by getting your girlfriend a care package full of relaxation this Valentine’s Day.

Relax Box

For those of you who just simply want to get their girlfriend something they will enjoy, this is just the care package for you. There are no clever puns or exiting decorations for this one (although there could be). All you need to do for this care package is to buy a bunch of things that will help your girlfriend to relax. You can add things for the bath like bath bombs, melts, salts, and oils. Try getting them in scents that promote stress relief. Consider adding face masks, candles, skincare, and literally anything else that your girlfriend could use on a chill day in.

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