April 2, 2020

Battle Postpartum Depression With These Top Gifts and Care Packages

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Bringing a new life into the world can bring on lots of different emotions for new and even existing mothers with more than one child. All mothers experience what is called the “baby blues,” which can bring on symptoms of anxiety, mood swings, feeling overwhelmed, and much more, but for many other mothers, this can lead to postpartum depression, which can be much more severe. 

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Postpartum depression is not a mother’s fault. It can make a mother feel further away from her baby by thinking they will  not be able to bond with them, putting fears and anxieties into their head that they’re not a good mother, insomnia, a loss of appetite, and lots of other worse symptoms. We know that you want nothing more than to give this mother in your life suffering from postpartum depression the utmost love and support that they need at this very moment. While postpartum depression can last for upwards of a year after the birth of a child, it’s important to be there for this mother, and these supportive gifts and care packages can really help remind them they’re an incredible mother!

Help a Mother After the Delivery of Their Baby to Make Them Comfortable

Giving birth is a difficult, yet rewarding experience for mothers. As painful as it can be with the sweat and tears dripping from their face, to seeing the face of their little one, the delivery of a baby is quite exhausting. This can completely wipe a mother out, and it’s important for them to take care of themselves as much as their new baby, so get them these thoughtful gifts to lighten the symptoms of postpartum depression!

Speed the Recovery Process After Giving Birth

Although it’s quite difficult to speed up the recovery process for a mother after giving birth, there are certainly lots of different items that they definitely need to help make the process go a lot smoother, or easier. If you want to give them a thoughtful gift post-delivery, then you need to get them the Postpartum Recovery Box today! This box is full of many different things to  help a mother after giving birth to help a mother heal in the best way possible. This box includes mesh underwear, sitz bath pads, perineal heat/cool packs, a perineal cleansing bottle, a candle, and much more.

Every mother deserves a special gift after giving birth. Have them take care of themselves with this beautiful Postpartum Recovery Box today! Image courtesy of Sunflower Motherhood. 

Books to Reassure Mothers That They Aren’t Alone

With suffering from postpartum depression, many mothers can feel like they’re all alone, or have very intrusive thoughts about themselves or their baby that worry them to no extent. If you want to remind a mother that they’re not alone on this journey through postpartum depression, then you need to get them the Good Moms Have Scary Thoughts: A  Healing Guide to the Secret Fears of New Mothers by Karen Kleiman! This goes explores how difficult the beginning of motherhood can really be and it’s just a constant reminder all the way through that they’re not alone, so this makes for a great gift for any mother suffering from postpartum depression.

Fight the Symptoms of Postpartum Depression With Supplements

A mother suffering from postpartum depression goes through so many different emotions, the most common being anxiety, insomnia, loss of appetite, and so many more to name. If you’re looking to get something for a mother to boost their mood and energy, then the Postpartum Mood Box is just for them! This box comes with three different supplements to help a mother boost their mood and energy and contain key ingredients, such as saffron extract, organic ashwagandha, and a women’s probiotic. These supplements are key for another new mother to help them get through the first few weeks post-delivery, so make sure to get the Postpartum Mood Box for them today!

Get a new mother the Postpartum Mood Box in order to battle their anxiety, insomnia, and loss of appetite today! Image courtesy of Mother Nutrient. 

Food Makes the World Go Round

While a common symptom of a woman going through postpartum depression is a loss of appetite, it’s important for the woman to continue to get the nutrients that she needs in order to not only take care of herself, but be able to give the proper care to her baby as well. Whether it’s getting the mother their favorite snacks, dishes, or making homemade recipes that you know she will enjoy, the thought is truly what counts. Here are some of the best food care packages to get a mother suffering postpartum depression to remind her that she needs to take care of herself  and to remind her that she is just as important as her little one.

Soup is the Best Way to Any Person’s Heart

One of the best ones to remind someone that you love and care about them is with a delicious bowl of soup. We firmly believe that soup is one of the best ways to show how much you support someone not only because it’s a warm, comforting food, but it is delicious too. We think you should get someone the Thinking of You Spoonful of Comfort care package because of the tasty chicken noodle soup they sell, along with the bacci rolls, chocolate chip cookies, and the personalized note that you can include in it as well to make it extra special!

Get a mother this thoughtful Thinking of You Spoonful of Comfort care package to show your love and support through their postpartum depression. Image courtesy of Spoonful of Comfort. 

A Mother’s Health is Important to Keep Her and the Baby Healthy

It’s important to keep the mother healthy just as much as the baby. Though it can be stressful when a baby is sick, it can be worse if the mother is too just because they’re the ones, besides the fathers, providing all of the care for the baby. To remind a mother to continue being healthy with food, we think you should get them the Comfy and Cozy Kit Care Package! While this product does come with germ-fighting antibacterial products, it also comes with food to keep her healthy too, such as soup, pretzels, and herbal tea too to keep those nasty germs and viruses away. 

A Sweet Gift Can Put a Smile on Any Mother’s Face

Did you see what we did there? A sweet gift can be just the thing that any mother needs. If you know a mother suffering from postpartum depression that loves sweets, then we think you should get them the Mrs. Fields Sunny Side Cookie Cake today! The simple “Thinking of You” message on it can give any mother a reminder that they are loved and appreciated, while also diving deep into a sweet snack, such as a giant cookie cake. Why not treat her to one today!

A mother suffering from postpartum depression deserves something sweet, so make sure to get her the Mrs. Field Sunny Side Cooke Cake today! Image courtesy of Care Packages. 

Find Uplifting Gifts to Bring a New Joy to Motherhood

While small gifts, such as books, bracelets, journals, or other things people may seem as random gifts, can actually be what helps a woman suffering from postpartum depression cope with what she is facing. Postpartum depression is no joke and it is not something that should be taken lightly. It can affect many women in different ways, and it’s important to do what you can to help a mother cope in the best way possible. Here are some extremely thoughtful gifts we thought would be perfect for any mom after giving birth!

Journaling Can Help to Clear Those Intrusive Thoughts

One of the best ways to be able to get your thoughts and emotions out is through journaling. Whether you’re writing stories, writing poetry, or just simply writing down day to day events, thoughts, and feelings, then we recommend that you get a mother the Postpartum Planner & Journal! This beautiful journal can help a mother to organize their life and their day-to-day activities, make self care plans for themselves, plan for meals, help you adjust to being a mother and this new way of life, and so much more. Get this amazing Postpartum Planner & Journal for a mother suffering from postpartum depression today!

The best way to get your thoughts out is by journaling, so make sure to get a mother with postpartum depression a Postpartum Planner & Journal to adjust to being a mother with the challenges that may come her way! Image courtesy of Etsy. 

Memoirs About Postpartum Depression to Show Them They’re Not Facing This Alone

There’s something about memoirs that just bring everyone together. Memoirs help to bring to light other people’s personal experiences with topics that may be hard to talk about and they shed light on those experiences to help bring people closer together. Many mothers that have postpartum depression feel as if they’re alone with how they’re feeling, but that is far from the truth. We recommend getting a mother a book called Day Nine by Amanda Munday where she recalls suffering horribly from postpartum depression and then being involuntarily committed to the Toronto psychiatric ward where she stayed there for eighteen days. This powerful book explains one woman’s experience through postpartum depression, and is a reminder that women who suffer from this, no matter how extreme, are never alone.

Bracelets Representing the Hardships of Motherhood Can Remind Them How Rewarding it is

There is nothing more rewarding for a mother than carrying a child for nine months and then bringing that life into the world. As scary as that can be for many mothers, they have a baby to call their own. If you want to get a woman that has postpartum depression something thoughtful, then you need to get them this Full Circle Pregnancy bracelet! This bracelet not only recognizes a woman’s entire pregnancy, but also labor, and postpartum as well. This bracelet may bring helpful energy to bring healing to a woman’s reproductive system, alleviating mood swings, and so much more. Get this bracelet for a beautiful mother to remind her of her rewarding journey through motherhood!

A bracelet, such as the Full Circle Pregnancy bracelet, to remind a mother with postpartum depression of how important motherhood is makes the perfect gift for them! Image courtesy of InJewels Healing Jewelry. 

There are so many different thoughtful gifts that you can get for a mother suffering from postpartum depression. As terrible as this is, it is something that a mother can fight through, but not without the support that she needs from her loved ones. Postpartum depression can be a difficult journey, but with a little love and support from friends and family, any mother can battle through it. Give a mother with postpartum depression some beautiful and thoughtful gifts today!

Is there a gift or care package that you would get from a mother suffering from postpartum depression that you love,but we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!

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