September 9, 2020

Boost Her Spirits After a Miscarriage With These Supporting Care Packages

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Miscarriages are not only physically demanding on a woman’s body, but they can also take an emotional and mental toll on her as well. With trying to bear the loss of a child, many women find it hard to cope and are scared to get pregnant again, fearing the same thing will happen again and again. Miscarriages are one of the cruelest things that a woman can go through, and needs all of the support she can get during this time.

You may be wishing you could do more for someone who had a miscarriage. You could feel as if just being emotional help isn’t enough. We know that you want to give back in any way that you can, so why not get her a gift or care package that is meaningful? A small gift, or even a care package could be what helps her get back on her feet after such a traumatic experience. Not sure what to get her? We have you covered with some of the best gifts, and care packages that you can get today!

Gifts to Help Remember Their Baby Will Help Them Cope

If you want to help your friend, sister, loved one, or whoever to remember their baby, there are lots of cute, yet sentimental gifts that you can get them. Whether it’s a necklace, a book, or anything else you can think of, this will help to be a reminder of their baby and that they should keep moving forward. There’s nothing worse than losing a child, and it will be something she will never forget, so here are some gifts to help her cope and become stronger.

Get Her a Necklace with the Baby’s Birthstone and Initial of Their Name

Even though the woman you know that went through a miscarriage will never be able to hold the baby in her arms, it still feels like this life she helped create was rudely ripped away from her. We know that even if she proceeds to have more children down the road that she will never forget this baby. With that being said, we think that getting her a necklace with the baby’s birthstone and the initial of what she was going to name him/her is the perfect gift. This will help her to always and in a simple way remember the life she carried inside of her. 

Get her a beautiful necklace to remember the life she carried inside of her and the life that she will always love no matter what. Image courtesy of Etsy. 

Purchase a Book About Miscarriages to Help Her Through Her Grief

There’s one thing that can help her through the grief process of her miscarriage is helping her understand that she isn’t the only one going through it. Miscarriages are common and happen around one in every four pregnancies. If you want to help her cope with the loss of a child, get her a book explaining someone else’s experience and loss through a miscarriage to remind her that things will get better. 

A Remembrance Box Will Help Her Remember Her Baby Always

Did your loved one get baby shoes, has ultrasound pictures, or other items that she got when she was expecting the baby? We have the perfect gift idea so she can keep all of those things safe and in one place. Get her a remembrance box with some beautiful engraved angel wings, the date the baby was due, and what the baby’s name was going to be, so she can keep all of those ultrasound pictures, baby shoes, and even baby clothes. With this, they will always remember their child and what they meant to them.

A perfect gift to get any woman who has gone through a miscarriage is a remembrance box to keep onsies, baby shoes, and even ultrasound pictures in to remember their baby. Image courtesy of Etsy. 

Help Her to Remember That She is Loved

Women who have gone through a miscarraige experience lots of different kinds of emotions. From sadness, to anger, guilt, depression, numbness, and even disbelief, with a simple gift to tell her she is loved could mean everything to her. She could feel alone at this point in her life, but just keep reminding her that she is in fact loved and that she has family and friends always there for her.

A Self Care Package is Perfect To Reminder Her She’s Not Alone

We know this is a tough time for your loved one. The loss of a child can have a significant impact on not only their life, but even yours. With trying to pick up the pieces and make things even slightly better for her, we recommend a self care package with a note in it to remind her she is loved. It comes with a candle, bath salts, and organic tea, so she can feel at ease knowing she’s not fighting through this alone.

Consider getting her a self care package to help her feel more at ease with her situation with a special note reminding her she is loved. Image courtesy of Etsy. 

Tell Her to Take Care of Herself With a Gift Card to a Spa

There’s nothing that screams self care like going to a spa, so why not get that for someone you know who just had a miscarriage? Miscarriages can be stressful and the woman can feel like she needs to get away for awhile. With a spa gift card, this woman is able to relax and focus on herself momentarily. Consider a gift card to a spa today for all of the benefits that it can have on the woman in your life!

Sometimes Food is the Ultimate Way to Help Someone Relax

Food is good, and depending on what kind it is, it can have significant results on how someone is feeling. Sweets, like cookies, brownies, and chocolate can boost someone’s mood and serotonin levels. If you want to get a woman who just had a miscarriage a care package to boost their spirits, why not get them the Mrs. Fields Thinking of You Combo Tin? This tin is filled with chocolate chip cookies, brownie bites, frosted sugar cookies, and so much more to help make someone happy. With a “Thinking of You” message on the lid of the tin, this is the perfect gift for any woman who has a sweet tooth, and to boost their mood!

Get a special woman in your life the Mrs. Fields Thinking of You Combo Tin to help boost her spirits after having a miscarriage. Image courtesy of Care Packages. 

Other Gifts to Brighten Your Loved One’s Day

No matter what you do, or buy for a woman who just had a miscarriage, they are bound to love whatever you get them. With your intentions, they know that they mean a lot to you with trying to brighten their day. There are lots of different gifts that you can get them to take their mind off of their current situation. Here are some other great gifts to invest in today!

A Journal Helps to Lower Stress Levels and is the Perfect Gift

Journaling is one of the best ways to alleviate stress. With being able to write down your emotions, how your feelings, your anxieties, and just hopes and dreams for the future, this can be a great gift for someone who just had a miscarriage. It can sometimes be hard to explain how you’re feeling, and journaling is one of the best ways to do so. Think this is the gift for her? Get her a fancy journal today, so she can cope with her emotions, and to let her know you care about her. 

If you want to help her relax a little more, get her a journal so she can write down her feelings and emotions while coping with the loss of her child.

There’s Nothing Better Than a Teddy Bear to Snuggle Up With

When your loved one who just had a miscarriage starts to become upset, we know that you feel there is only so much you can do. With getting a simple gift, like a teddy bear, it can remind her that she is loved. Teddy bears are one of the best things to cuddle up to when she is alone at night, or just whenever she is feeling lonely. Get her a teddy bear, or her favorite stuffed animal as a gift to cheer her up!

Candles With Inspiring Messages are a Great Mood Booster

Candles are one of the best gifts to get a girl. With coming in many scents according to the season, and even being in many sizes, consider getting your loved one a candle with a sweet message on it. For example, getting her a candle with a message saying, “Love you to the moon and back” is a simple, yet perfect gift to get her to feel better. Consider a candle for this special woman in your life today!

Get her a candle with a sweet message on it to show that you care for her during the hard time she is facing. Image courtesy of Etsy.

Miscarriages are tough. They are one of the most emotionally, mentally, and even physically tolling experiences that a woman can face. We know that this is a tough time for her and that you want to help her in every way possible. While it seems like getting a gift or care package isn’t enough, just know that the littlest things do help someone to recover. We hope that we were able to help you find the perfect gift or care package to give a loved one that just went through a miscarriage, and we wish them well!

Is there a gift that you would give someone that you knew had a miscarriage, but we didn’t mention it? Let us know in the comments!

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