July 15, 2020

Care Packages to Remind Your Girlfriend How Much You Love Her

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Finding new ways to show how much your girlfriend means to you can be tough. Without trying to be repetitive or obvious with gift giving, we have an easy solution to help you surprise your girlfriend with something that will show how much she means to you without being too cheesy. Even though we know your girlfriend will appreciate anything you give her, we have an idea on what you can give her to make her feel truly loved.

Something different that your girlfriend will love is a care package that you can send to her. Whether you’re in a long distance relationship, or you’re travelling for your job, care packages are a simple reminder of how much you love her even when you’re far away.  To spruce up your gift giving skills for your girlfriend, here are some care package ideas for your girlfriend that she will absolutely love.

Tackle Your Girlfriend’s Cravings With the Best Snacks Around

Food is the way to a girl’s heart. Though she may not say it, girls love when you feed them, and even if they don’t say they’re hungry when you offer them something to eat, they’re always going to come after you and eat your own food. Make sure that your girlfriend is properly fed with some of the best snacks ever!

Healthy Food Options

Does your girlfriend enjoy eating healthy and working out? We recommend getting her a care package with all of her favorite healthy snacks! This can include fruit, trail mix, healthy granola bars, and much more. Your girlfriend can take these snacks on the go if she’s running late for class or work, or just a little something to nosh on after a long hard day. It will also keep her motivated to continue eating healthy and staying fit!

Treat your girlfriend to some healthy snacks that she can nosh on after a workout, or as a healthy snack!

Comfort Food

If your girlfriend has been down in the dumps lately, get her a food care package that is full of self care when it comes to eating. There’s nothing better than some delicious comfort food that your girlfriend will love. This can include chips, pretzels, chocolate, brownies, cookies, and much more! For lots of people, comfort food is essential when it comes to dealing with stress, so what better way to settle your girlfriend’s craving than with some comfort food! 

Breakfast Favorites

We all know that eating breakfast is the best part of the day and a great way to get you motivated and ready for the day. Why not send your girlfriend a breakfast package including pancake and scone mix, hickory smoked country ham, and blueberry jam, and other breakfast favorites! With this, your girlfriend will have all of the essentials that they need to get them ready for a new day with the most important meal of the day and she’ll be able to have some good breakfast ideas to start her morning off right!

Help Your Girlfriend Practice Self Care Every Day!

Your girlfriend endlessly works hard for the things that she does. Whether she’s busy taking college classes, or she worked overtime this week, there is no better way to help your girlfriend than helping her promote self care within herself. The best possible way to do this is by purchasing a spa themed care package to remind your girlfriend to pay attention to herself for once and to help her destress no matter what she’s going through. 

Purchase a care package to help your girlfriend destress from a long hard day’s work. 

At-Home Spa Day

One thing that we know for sure your girlfriend would appreciate is some products for her to have her own at-home spa day because of all the fun stuff that it contains! With all these spa products to choose from, there are face masks, eye masks, hair masks, and much more to remind your girlfriend that she is important. Not only do they do wonders to your skin and hair, but they also are a great way to help her destress and remind her of you for caring about her.

Stay Clean and Pampered

Does your girlfriend work long hours running around constantly at her workplace, or is she a fitness guru that loves working out and getting sweaty. After a tiring day no matter what she’s doing, buy your girlfriend some products to make her feel pampered and on top of the world. With face masks, pore cleansers, a hooded robe, and much more, your girlfriend will take away the grime and sweat from a busy day, so she can feel clean and beautiful for the next day!

Treat your girlfriend to an at-home spa day with face masks, peels, candles, and much more!

Help Her Feel Better

Has your girlfriend been sick with a cold, or even the dreaded flu? If she is feeling sick and you can’t get to her, we think that getting her some goodies to make her feel better is one of the best things to get her to help her on her road to recovery. We all know that illnesses like this pass and she will be okay, but there are so many items that will help boost her immune system and kick her back into gear. With tea, vitamin C tablets, soup, and Airborne, your girlfriend will be better in no time all thanks to you for caring about her health.

Keep your girlfriend healthy with some essential goodies to get rid of her cold or flu. 

Never Forget to Remind Her Just How Much You Love Her

There are so many ways to show your girlfriend you love her, and they don’t have to be extreme. Girls are known for enjoying the simple things out of a relationship, like when you call her beautiful, text her good morning, and much, much more. We know you want to spice things up and spoil your girlfriend with an extra special gift, and we know just the thing that will make her know without a doubt that you love her.

Always remind your girlfriend how much you love them in the simplest ways, such as cooking her dinner, or an at-home movie night. 

Buy Her a Photo Book

There’s nothing a girl loves more than pictures. Pictures can remind her of a fun, romantic date you went on, it could remind her of the holiday where you first met her parents, or just any day that she deems special. One idea for something that you could get her is a care package of multiple pictures of the two of you to remind her of all the good times that you both have had. This is perfect for any occasion, or even just as a random gift to be a simple reminder that you don’t know where you would be without her, and we know for a fact that she will love this idea. 

Get your girlfriend a photo book that features pictures of the both of you, so you can look back on old memories together.

Make Her Dinner

One of the simplest things that you can do for your girlfriend is make her a nice, romantic dinner. Cook her favorite food, or try something new that you think she would enjoy. Either way, this is one of the top ways to make your girlfriend feel special. Instead of her cooking you dinner, or just getting takeout or delivery, why not try out some new recipes, and surprise her with dinner, or better yet, why not make dinner together? Making dinner together can be a great bonding experience for the both of you to get to know one another even better, and just as a simple reminder that it’s the simple things in life that matter most.

Movie Night In

Instead of going to the movie theaters where you have to pay for expensive movie tickets, popcorn, candy, and soda, why not enjoy a movie in the comfort of your own home? There’s nothing better than wearing pajama pants and other comfy clothes, cuddling up next to your girlfriend on the couch while the lights are dimmed, and watching a movie. Whether you choose to watch a movie off of Netflix, or pop in a DVD of an old film you both haven’t seen in a while, movie night indoors is the perfect way to be able to show your girlfriend how much she means to you.

Also, what better way to enjoy indoor movie night than with the Traditional Gourmet Popcorn Tin! This is a two-gallon tin full of cheddar, caramel, and movie theater butter popcorn that is the perfect combination of sweet and salty flavors all in one. This will compliment your movie night and make it an even better experience for the both of you. Not only do you have one another, but

you have a good movie, and some great snacks to go along with this simple date night indoors!

Enjoy a fun movie night indoors with the Traditional Gourmet Popcorn Tin containing caramel, cheddar, and movie theater butter popcorn that will be a perfect care package for your girlfriend. Image courtesy of Care Packages.

Making your girlfriend feel loved and appreciated is one of the number one things to focus on, and when sending her a care package, we know that no matter what you send, she will appreciate it. Not only did you get her a nice gift that she can use, but it is something that came from the heart and you thought of her when buying it. There are so many things that you can get your girlfriend, and we hope that with these care packages, we were able to help you find and pick out the perfect gift for her! Is there a care package that you got your girlfriend that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!

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