July 16, 2020

Celebrate a Loved One’s 18th Birthday and the Year of Turning Into a Legal Adult

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Turning eighteen-years-old is exciting for everyone once they reach this age. First of all, it means that you’re legal! Although you’re not legal to drink, you can still go out and be able to vote, join the military, buy lottery tickets, or even get body piercings and tattoos. Turning eighteen offers a newfound freedom that many young adults will enjoy doing, as they are now legally an adult.  

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Being able to do most things without parental consent can be a big achievement and something that all eighteen-year-olds will be excited about. At this age, many young adults start college, or get a job out of high school, and start to learn more about themselves as they continue to develop and grow. Do you want to find a thoughtful or funny gift, or even just a tasty treat to give to someone on their eighteenth birthday? Why not check out these top gifts and care packages perfect for anyone today!

Sweet Treats Are a Great Way to Start Off Someone’s First Legal Year

There is no better way to start any birthday than with some birthday cake, cookies, brownies, or any kind of sweet that you can get a hold of. From many different kinds of cake, such as cookie cake, ice cream cake, chocolate cake, and so much more, or even opting for cupcakes, or rice krispy treats, getting some type of sweet is essential when it comes to birthdays. There’s no better way to start a life of being a legal adult than with these top birthday cakes, and other tasty treats!

A Birthday Cake Made Out of Rice Krispy Treats is a Unique Surprise

Do you know an eighteen-year-old that loves rice krispy treats? If so, then you need to get them this unique Birthday Party-Sized Rice Krispies Treats Bar for it’s adorable birthday balloons on it, marshmallows, sprinkles, and overall birthday theme you’ll love. This giant birthday cake serves fifteen to twenty people and is perfect for any birthday occasion, so why not treat them to something sweet today!

Get someone the delicious Birthday Party-Sized Rice Krispies Treats Bar today as one of the most delicious birthday cakes someone will ever have! Image courtesy of Care Packages. 

Are They a Fan of Cookie Cake? Get Them This One Today!

Lots of people love and enjoy cookie cakes because cookies are one of the best snack foods around. With that being said, we think that you need to get someone the Mrs. Fields Happy Birthday Big Cookie Cake today! This cookie cake is perfect for eighteen-year-olds that can’t pass up a cookie cake and enjoy a moist and chewy cookie. These cakes are also made with real butter, pure vanilla, and whole eggs to provide the best flavor possible, so make sure to snag one up!

Sometimes You Just Can’t Go Wrong With a Classic Birthday Cake

If the eighteen-year-old you know just loves a classic birthday cake, whether it’s chocolate, vanilla, or a little bit of both, then you need to stop what you’re doing and get them the Golden Fudge Happy Birthday Celebration Cake today! This sweet cake is a yellow cake with a creamy chocolate fudge frosting and even some toasted golden cake crumbs along the side to make it even better. This cake comes ready to go and all you have to do is put the candles on top for the birthday boy or girl to make a wish and blow out!

Birthday cake is a classic for celebrating any birthday, so make sure to celebrate a loved one’s eighteenth birthday with the sweet Golden Fudge Happy Birthday Celebration Cake! Image courtesy of Care Packages. 

Funny Gifts About Being of the Legal Age Can Make Any Birthday

Sometimes funny gifts are what can really set the mood to enjoy a fun and enjoyable birthday even though that loved one is getting a year older. Even though eighteen is still very young, it is also fun to poke at someone now for being of the legal age. This is a very exciting time for many young adults because of their newfound freedom, so why not celebrate that with these funny gifts to get them!

A T-Shirt to Express How Adulting Really Feels

While we all think we’re an adult at eighteen-years-old, it’s safe to say that isn’t the case. With so much more of the world left to see, understand, and learn from, we think that this “I’m An Adult Technically” shirt really explains the struggle of entering adulthood, but not fully understanding it, and that’s okay! This long-sleeved shirt is perfect for any fresh eighteen-year-old and it’s just a gift that you can’t pass up on.

The “I’m An Adult Technically” shirt is a great gift idea to fully understand what being eighteen is really all about! Image courtesy of TeePublic. 

A Birthday Mug is Perfect For Avid Coffee and Tea Drinkers

If you know an eighteen-year-old that is obsessed with either tea or coffee, we have the perfect gift for them. We think that this birthday mug that says, “It took 18 years to look this good” is exactly what they need! This funny mug is great for anyone that loves caffeine and is a chronic mug collector (which we approve of)! This is a great gift for anyone turning eighteen, so make sure to get it for a birthday boy or girl today!

Tote Bags Are Great to Show How Awesome They Are, and Also to Keep Their Belongings Close

Everyone needs a tote bag in their life to carry around their personal belongings whenever they go out in public. If you know someone turning eighteen, then you need to get them this awesome tote bag that states “Legend since [year they were born]”! This creative tote is a cool gift idea to celebrate someone’s eighteenth birthday, and you can even stuff other goodies in it before you give it to them. Why not get this tote bag to prove that turning eighteen is legendary!

The “Legend Since..” tote bag is a great gift for someone you know turning the legal age of eighteen! Image courtesy of ShirtBox.

A Sentimental Gift Can Touch the Heart For Their Next Journey

Funny gifts can be entertaining for someone’s birthday, but throwing in a sentimental gift can sometimes mean a lot more to someone. From being a reminder that you love someone, to giving them the encouragement they need to fulfill their passions, or take the next step in their life is just what they need. If you think a sentimental gift is just what this newly eighteen-year-old needs, then here are some of the most thoughtful gifts we could find!

A Beautiful Pearl Necklace is Perfect For the Girls

There is nothing more sentimental than getting someone a beautiful necklace for their birthday, specifically a pearl necklace. This pearl necklace also comes with a beautiful birthday saying reminding your loved one that they are special, bright, and that they glow as soon as they walk into a room. There is nothing more meaningful than a necklace with a meaning behind it, and this pearl necklace is the one that you need to get them!

This pearl necklace is a beautiful gift to give any girl turning eighteen for the meaning that is behind it and just how special they are as individuals! Image courtesy of Walmart. 

A Picture Frame With Picture of the Last Eighteen Years of Their Life is a Brilliant Idea

Do you know an eighteen-year-old that is heading off to college, or moving out of their parents’ home? Why not get them this beautiful picture frame with the number eighteen in it and pictures of them over the last eighteen years of their life with their loved ones! You can even put a happy birthday saying on the bottom and their date of birth to really make it a personal gift that they will enjoy. Turning eighteen is going to be full of big decisions, life changes, and so much more, and remember the younger days can be something that this loved one will enjoy looking back on. Make sure to snag this birthday gift and customize it today!

A Book Filled With Stories, Pictures, and More From the Last Eighteen Years of Their Life

We firmly believe that there is no gift as creative as this Personalized 18th Birthday Book that you need to get for a loved one in your life that just turned eighteen. There is so much stuff that you can add in this book! From pictures, stories of their childhood, facts about them, and much more, this is one of the best ways to be able to celebrate that special person in your life. Why not get this beautiful customizable book for them today and reflect on some of your favorite memories of them!

Get the Personalized 18th Birthday Book as a beautiful and sentimental birthday present to reflect on the last eighteen years of your loved one’s life! Image courtesy of The Book of Everyone. 

Turning eighteen is a life changing moment. From being a teenager and transitioning to a young and legal adult, it can be both intimidating, yet exciting. Celebrating your eighteenth birthday is essential and making sure to get a present for that special young adult in your life is another important thing to do. If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for an eighteen-year-old, we hope that we could make your decision easier with these top gifts and care packages!

Is there a gift or care package that you would get for someone on their eighteenth birthday that you love, but we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!

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