June 25, 2020

COVID-19 Care Package Ideas for New Moms

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The COVID-19 outbreak took the world by complete surprise, and has altered the state of the world in what seems sometimes to be an irreversible way. The global pandemic has been ongoing for a year now, and sometimes it seems like things won’t ever get better, and that we’ll be stuck at home indefinitely. 

For some, though, staying at home can have a silver lining. Or an added source of stress, depending on whether you’d view the challenges of raising a child with a glass half full or half empty view.

These are tough times for everyone, no doubt about it, but dealing with the added challenges of raising an infant when the world already seems to be in pieces is such an admirable accomplishment.

Both women who became pregnant before and after the world was declared to be in a state of global pandemic are dealing with more challenges than they ever expected, as giving birth and caring for a new child can be incredibly stressful. Plus, they have to contend with all the challenges brought about by the coronavirus.

If one of your loved ones recently became a new mom, consider sending a care package her way to show her that you’re thinking of her. It might help ease some of the stress, or even just brighten her day or mood. 

With everything she’s undoubtedly going through, she’s sure to appreciate it.

Baby Care

An obvious choice for a COVID care package for new moms are things to help make her job a little bit easier.

With a new baby and reason to avoid going shopping as much as possible— both for her recovery and to stay safe —it would really help out if you sent along some gifts to help her take care of the little bundle of joy.

Diapers, a baby blanket, or even clothes for the baby could go a long way.

Taking care of a new baby can be stressful, and so new moms really can use all the help they can get. Why not send some help within a care package?

But, if you’d rather focus the care package more on her, there are plenty of gifts for a new mom that will make things a bit more manageable both for her and the baby.

Make sure to send along some comfort items, like soft pajamas, slippers, or a robe, so that your loved one can be fully relaxed. Maybe even a heated blanket, that both she and the baby could bundle up in!

While sleeping may not be on her radar for a while, she still needs a lot of rest, and so you’ll want to make sure she feels as cozy as possible.

Buying comfy clothes— or anything cozy, really —for both new mom and new baby in your care package is a great way to make sure both parties are getting the rest that they need. It can also promote family cuddle time!

Comfort isn’t the only important thing, though. Another great gift for both of them is a book the new mom can read to the baby— which will help them bond as much as sleep.

Send along a water bottle, though, or some healthy snacks! Staying hydrated is always important, and even if she’s not eating for two any more, this new mom should still be making extra sure she’s eating enough, especially if she’s breastfeeding.

Some foods that are known to have a positive impact on lactation are whole grains, beans and legumes, fruits and vegetables, nuts, and certain teas— all of which are healthy under any other circumstances, as well.

If you think that might be enough, you could always look into fertility supplements, though that’s definitely something your loved one should also discuss with her doctor.

And hygiene is just as important. Dry shampoo or face wipes, for example, can be a great idea as finding the time to shower with a new baby in the house can be difficult.

COVID-19 Care

Speaking of being sanitary, of course you’ll want to include some COVID-19 specific gifts in your COVID care package for a new mom. Even if they might not help her with the baby directly, it’ll help ensure her safety, which is just as important.

Hand sanitizer and masks are both no-brainers, as the use of both has now become absolutely essential any time one wants to leave the house. 

You can pick up disposable masks, or reusable ones in her favorite colors, and get portable bottles of hand sanitizer she can take with her when she has to go out! You can also find them just about anywhere!

These days, all COVID-19 supplies aren’t difficult to come by, which means they’re a super easy and manageable item to include in any care package you may build.

These days people are being more careful about germs than ever, and for good reason. Include some hand sanitizer in your care package, whether it’s a big bottle to leave by the door or a smaller one she can take with her wherever she goes.

Even if she won’t be leaving the house much— not without the new baby, anyway —it’s still important to be safe when she does, for both of them.

Gloves and disinfecting wipes or spray are good, too, and she may even be able to put these items to more use than just keeping safe from COVID! New babies are nothing if not messy, and your hands aren’t the only things that germs can cling to!

Throw in some hand soap or tissues, too, as you can never have too much of either! And again, all cleaning products will likely be very appreciated with a new baby in the house.

Here are plenty of COVID-19 specific care package options to get you started, if you’re not sure what to put in your own!

And because you can’t celebrate this big step with her and the new baby in person, be sure to set up a video call so that she can both thank and introduce you! Or send a sweet message in your care package.


Pregnancy and giving birth is an incredibly difficult process, and it doesn’t get any easier once she’s had the baby, so throw in some self-care items into this new mom’s care package so that she can pamper herself!

In addition to making sure she’s comfortable and careful when it comes to both childcare and COVID-19, a care package should be full of things that will make your loved one feel like they’re loved! So don’t just include useful items, but also ones that will simply make her happy.

It’s really important to be sure that she’s taking care of herself, not just the baby.

Some great examples of items that will inspire self-care are bath bombs and face masks. Whenever the new mom in your life has time to use them, she’ll surely appreciate it. She deserves a spa day now more than ever!

A new mom may not have the time right away to take a long bath, but when she does find the time she’ll no doubt need it! So, make sure that when she finally has some time to herself, she feels like a queen by throwing some bath bombs in your care package!

Here’s a great, all put together care package perfect for a day of pampering if you’re not sure what to buy.

You can also include gifts to make her environment feel more relaxing, as she’ll be spending a lot of time there both due to COVID-19 and the new baby! 

You can look into what essential oils are safe to be diffused around new babies, but when in doubt just throw in a nice scented candle!

In addition, a new mom will probably appreciate some delicious food, not just those healthy snacks. Throw in some desserts, too! Even better, while you’re at it, throw in some tea bags, since a nice hot beverage is always a positive.

Tea, coffee, even hot chocolate— both the temperature and sugar or caffeine levels are guaranteed to wake one up a bit more, which new moms certainly need. Get your loved one something in their care package so that they can make their wake-up call drink of choice.

You could throw in some other beverages, too— maybe a glass of wine or champagne. After all, it’s been nine months since your loved one who recently became a mom has been allowed to drink.

But ultimately, anything you think might be appreciated by your loved one is a good idea in a care package, and she’ll likely love it as long as it shows you care and are thinking of her during this difficult time in which you may not be able to actually visit in person.

It’s so important that, even when the world doesn’t seem to make sense, we stay close with the ones we care about and celebrate the big milestones like this with them, even if it’s from afar by sending her something. 

To have brought a child into the world is a huge accomplishment, and it’s even more admirable considering the conditions in which she did it! So, show her a little bit of love, or a lot. Show her that you’re thinking of her, and that you care!

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