November 13, 2020

Feeling Under the Weather? Gifts and Care Packages to Give a Sick Loved One

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There’s nothing worse than being sick. With the upcoming colder weather approaching and cold and flu season being at its peak during those times, it’s doubtful that you or someone you love won’t get sick. Being sick is completely normal and it helps to build up our immune system, but still, it’s never a good feeling. Experiencing a fever, a stuffy nose, a terrible cough, and other common symptoms of being sick, there’s nothing worse than feeling ill.

We know that having a cold, the flu, or any other sickness is never fun, so we think that you should treat a loved one to something nice. Whether it’s soup, some entertainment, and just some ways to kick back and relax while recovering, there are many gifts or care packages that you can get someone to boost their spirits and help them on their road to recovery!

Food Like Soup Can Make Anyone Feel Better

Food is one of the best possible things to help someone get better. Hot foods, such as soup are perfect to get over a cold and to warm you up whenever you’re not feeling well. Chicken noodle soup, herbal tea, bananas, and other food and drinks are the perfect remedy to getting over a common cold, breaking a fever, and helping to heal your body so you can go out and do the things you did before without feeling so bad.

Soup is the Way to Go!

There is nothing better than some chicken noodle soup, or any other kind of soup that uses broth to help you feel better. If you’re looking to get someone a caring gift or care package to help bring them back on their feet, then we recommend the Speedy Recovery Soup Gift Basket by Harry & David. This care package comes with three different kinds of soup, such as potato corn chowder, chicken chili, and even chicken noodle soup and comes with crackers as well to mix in. Soup is the perfect remedy to cure any kind of sickness, so make sure to get it today for a loved one!

Get some Harry & David soup to help make a loved one feel better when they are sick. Image courtesy of Harry & David. 

A “Feel Better Basket” to Get Through the Sickness

Do you know someone that just wants to feel better? What about the Feel Better Gift Basket from Wolferman’s? The Feel Better Gift Basket is perfect for anyone that just wants a lot of feel good food to keep them pushing through their sickness. From scones, to English muffins, shortbread cookies, chamomile and fruit tea, and other delicious goodies, a loved one will start to feel better in no time with some of the best treats to do so!

Tea, Soup, and Gummies, Oh My!

Once again, everyone knows that the perfect at-home remedy for curing a sickness is soup, tea, and anything that contains vitamin C. Do you want to get someone something with all three of those in mind? Then you need to get this someone the Healthy You care package containing Emergen-C vitamin C packets, vitamin gummies to keep you healthy, soup, tea, and it even comes with Kleenexes and hand sanitizer! What better way to stay healthy than these essentials whenever someone you love is sick, so treat them today so they can get better.

Say goodbye to colds and the flu with the Healthy You care package containing all of the essentials today! Image courtesy of Care Packages. 

Sit Back and Relax in Order to Fully Recover

One of the most important things that you or someone you know should always do whenever they’re sick is to sit back and relax. When people get sick, they tend to want to continue on with their daily activities, such as going to work, going to class, working out, and so much more when in reality, people should be relaxing their bodies, getting as much rest as possible, and doing everything in their power to get better. Here are some great gifts to give loved ones to sit back and relax during the long dreaded cold or flu!

Stay in a Zen Mood During Recovery

It is important to remain calm and stress free whenever you or someone you love is sick, so that’s why we think that the Moments of Relaxation Spa Tower is the perfect gift to help someone take it easy while they’re sick. Besides from sleeping all day to make them feel better, your loved one will enjoy the white robe, the cucumber melon spa products, relaxing green tea, body lotions and butters, exfoliating shower gel, and so much more from this gift to keep them relaxed while taking care of their body.

It’s important to feel relaxed whenever you or someone you love is sick, to make sure to get the Moments of Relaxation Spa Tower today! Image courtesy of 1800 Baskets. 

Relaxing Bubble Baths are Perfect For When You’re Sick

The best way to help make a cold go away or help your fever break then a bubble bath. Although simple, bubble baths are perfect to help the heat to clear your sinuses and just to help your body relax. If you want to get someone a complete bubble bath care package, then look no further than The Essentials Home Spa Basket which contains a wooden brush, a loofah, a pair of slippers, a hand massager, warm vanilla scented body shower gel, hand soap, and body lotion, and so much more to help someone get better while taking care of themselves!

Aromatherapy is an Easy Solution to Getting Better

A simple, yet effective way to help someone slowly get better if they’re  feeling sick is by getting them an oil diffuser and some essential oils that increase their chances of getting over their illness faster. Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils, which you can inhale to improve your overall psychological and physical health and it can be used whenever you’re sick by using an eucalyptus oil that helps relieve fevers, and can help you fight viruses and other respiratory issues. Peppermint oil is also great for being a natural decongestant and helps to reduce your fever. So if you know someone that is sick, why not try getting them an oil diffuser and essential oils today!

Make sure to get someone you love with an oil diffuser and some essential oils that are perfect for putting a stop to their cold or flu! Image courtesy of Revive.

Stay Comfortable While Feeling Under the Weather

Being comfortable is one of the top things that’ll help you make it through being sick. From heated blankets, to comfy pants or slippers, and even warm sweaters will help to eliminate those cold flashes that one can experience when they’re having a fever. Being warm and comfortable is essential to getting over any kind of illness, and we got the perfect ideas to help you out!

Heated Blankets Take the Cold Away Fast

There’s nothing worse than being cold, but being cold with a cold blanket makes it even worse. Having to have the blanket warm up first before you is the worst, it  can be torturing to sit there and continue to freeze when you’re having a cold flash from a fever. We really think that there is nothing better than a heated blanket to keep your loved one warm whenever they’re feeling sick. Get someone a heated blanket that they can easily plug into the wall and will warm up instantly to keep the coldness away this cold and flu season! 

Heated blankets are the best way to keep a loved one warm whenever they’re feeling sick, so make sure to get them one today! Image courtesy of Amazon. 

A Big, Oversized Hoodie is Perfect to Keep you Warm

If you know someone that is having the worst fever ever where they’re sweating one minute, but cold the next, we know the perfect thing to get them. Consider getting a loved one a huge oversized hoodie that is ideal for when they’re freezing and having the chills. This hoodie is great because it is filled with fleece to keep them warm, and they can also stick their knees in it as well when they’re sitting on the couch or on their bed for ultimate warmth. It’s also super comfortable to wear and lounge around the house all day too!

Keep Your Feet Warm With Some Slippers

We all know one thing, if your feet are cold, then you’re cold. That’s true even when you’re not feeling well, and even just in general. When you’re sick, you have to make sure that you’re warm at all times, and if you know someone that’s not feeling good, make sure to get them a pair of nice and warm fuzzy slippers. Coming in all kinds of colors and with and without faux fur, this is a great gift that goes beyond making sure someone is comfy when they’re sick.

Treat a loved one to a good pair of slippers to keep them warm whenever they’re sick and have a bad cold or flu! Image courtesy of Lands’ End.

We know that it’s a struggle whenever you’re sick and it’s good to stay at home to recover. From feeling hot and then cold, to coughing so much it hurts, to blowing your nose what feels like five hundred times a day, if you want to show a loved one that you care about them and hope that they feel better, we hope that our gift and care package ideas were perfect to help you out!

Is there a get well gift or care package that you would get a loved one, but we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!

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