December 9, 2020

Get a New Daddy Ready For Fatherhood With These Gifts and Care Packages

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There’s nothing more exciting for a man than becoming a new father. From teaching them how to play sports, teaching them how to read and write, and just watching them grow up can be exciting. The time flies by and it’s important to enjoy the moments that you get with your kids because they grow up too fast. Knowing that you have a child on the way is one thing, and then next thing you know, they’re all grown up.

Becoming a father is a blessing and there’s no proper way to prepare. Natural instincts kick in and you know exactly what to do. There are men becoming new fathers every day and it’s important to support them during the process just like it’s crucial to support the mother as well. If you’re thinking about getting something special for a new father to help prepare him for fatherhood, make sure to check out these gifts and care packages for new daddies today!

Fun Gifts to Poke at Their Newfound Fatherhood Lightens the Mood

Sometimes a man learning that he is going to be a father can be quite stressful. From preparing for the birth, learning how to change a diaper, what temperature the formula should be at to feed their child, and so much more can be a lot for the father, let alone the mother. If you want a lighthearted gift to poke fun at the fact that they’re now a father, here are some of the best gifts to do so!

Star Wars and Fatherhood Correspond Quite Well Together

If you know a new father that not only is a new father, but likes Star Wars as well, you know what you have to do. You have to get them a graphic t-shirt with the classic “I am your father” quote on it! Not only is it a great gift for a new father that would find it quite humorous, but it can also be a great gift idea to get someone who is nervous about becoming a first-time father. Any Star Wars item that has this legendary quote on it is a perfect gift for them!

Want to get a new father something funny to celebrate them becoming a father? Make sure to get them a graphic t-shirt with the classic “I am your father” quote on it! Image courtesy of Amazon.

Get Him and the Baby a Fun Shirt and Onesie to Show Off Being a Dad

There is nothing more exciting than becoming a father, and every dad is going to show off their kid-- this is a fact. If you want to get a fun gift for not only the new father, but the baby as well, then make sure to get him and the baby matching shirts! Well, a onesie for the baby of course, but for example, one with a pizza on it and the baby has a slice on it while the dad has the full pie on his. This is a fun little way to show that the new father is proud of his new little one and will undoubtedly show them off.

A Book on the Best Dad Jokes… You Just Have To

You know it. A book full of dad jokes is something you HAVE to get a new father. Dad jokes are known to be absolutely terrible and so cringe worthy that you have to laugh at how bad they are. We all joke about dad jokes and how bad they are before we become parents, but when a man becomes a dad, he’s just asking for it. Make sure to get them a book full of the best dad jokes to embarrass their kids with one day!

A book of bad dad jokes will win any new father over. Make sure to get them one today! Image courtesy of Amazon. 

Sweet Gifts to Add Sentimental Value Will Make Any New Father Ecstatic

Even though lots of men like don’t to talk about it, they are emotional human beings. Upon seeing their very first child being born, they will be shocked, overwhelmed, but most of all excited for the new journey that they are heading down. Put aside all of the funny dad jokes and other gifts to jab at a new father, sometimes the sentimental gifts are what mean the most. Looking for something to get a new father that they’ll cherish forever? Here are the best ones we could find!

A Statue to Represent Him and His Child Will Make Him Melt

Have you ever heard of Willow Trees? Well, they’re little figurine statues that are made with a rustic look in mind to represent some of life's greatest moments. There are many that are made for when someone becomes a new parent, so we recommend getting one for the new father that you know. Let them remember this moment for the rest of their life and cherish it forever. 

Get a new dad a Willow Tree statue of a moment they’ll never forget, becoming a father. Image courtesy of Amazon

A New Daddy Ornament is Perfect For Children Arriving After Christmas

Do you know a new father that is expecting to have their first kid after the holidays? Well, even though they wish they could spoil them with Christmas gifts and everything else, but can’t just yet, we think that this ornament about a baby knowing that their father will be the best they can be even before their born will bring a man to tears. Make sure to snag one today that a new father will love!

Personalized Keychains are Perfect for a Dad On the Go

If you’re thinking about getting something sentimental, yet simple for a new father, why not get him a keychain, more specifically, one that shows he’s a proud father. With the Personalized Dad Keychain, you can put down what year he first became a dad and it will be a great keepsake to have on his car keys to always remember the moment he became one!

Get a new dad a keychain to remember the exact day he became a dad to put on his keys! Image courtesy of Etsy. 

Food is the Way to Any Man’s Heart, New Father Or Not

If you’re looking for something easy and simple to get a new dad, we got one word for you. Food. Yes, all men no matter if they’re a new father or not, love food and sometimes being a father can be stressful and a man might want to pig out with some junk food, or other tasty snacks. Get a new father some good snacks to get him through the hardest months of fatherhood!

Meat and Cheese Samplers Are Always A Win Win

If you want to get something delicious that you know a new father would like, look no further than the Gourmet Meat and Cheese Sampler! This crate full of the most delicious meats and cheeses, such as summer sausage, garlic cheddar cheese, veggie cheese, and so much more will be the perfect gift to get a new dad.

A meat and cheese sampler is always a perfect gift for any new father, so make sure to splurge on them today! Image courtesy of Care Packages.

Chicken Noodle Soup is a Quick and Easy Meal When Caring For the Baby

With being a new dad, it can be hard sometimes to find the perfect time to eat. Putting the baby down for a nap and trying to hurry up and make something quick to eat can be tough, especially if the baby isn’t a heavy sleeper. Well, soup is easy to make, so get them a Chicken Noodle Soup Package that is perfect for any time of day and it’s already premade! An easy meal for a busy new dad is the best gift idea.  

Maybe They Would Enjoy Eating Some Healthier as a Snack Instead

If you know a dad that loves to workout, but can’t find the time for it nowadays with being super dad, why not get them a care package full of healthy snacks? The Healthy Blend Care Package has a great mixture of snacks such as healthy chips, nuts, granola bars, and so much more in it to help them get the nutrients they need, while watching what they eat to stay healthy. No one ever said that you couldn’t care for yourself while you’re taking care of a new baby, so help a new father take care of himself as well while caring for a young one!

If you know a new dad that loves to workout, but can’t seem to find the time to do so with being a new father, get them a food care package full of healthy food options instead! Image courtesy of Care Packages. 

Being a dad can be tough, but it is one of the most rewarding experiences that a man will ever go through in his life. From changing diapers, to putting them on the bus for their first day of school, to even watching them graduate high school and go off to college-- a child grows up so fast and it’s something that every dad will love to be a part of. If you know a new dad and want to get him an awesome gift or care package for becoming a new father, we hope that we helped you find the perfect one!

Is there a gift or care package for a new father that you like, but we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!

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