October 16, 2020

Help Your Girlfriend Survive That Time of the Month With These Top Gifts and Care Packages

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Is it your girlfriend’s time of the month? It can be a challenging week for her depending on the severity of her symptoms. From extremely painful cramps, to mood swings, bloating, her skin breaking out, and even just feeling tired, that time of the month can tend to take a lot out of her. The one thing that she will be asking for is your love and support through this tough week, because it can definitely be emotionally exhausting, but we know that you’ll be the right person to do so.

Girl Period

There’s no better way to say that you love and support your girlfriend through her tough time of the month than by getting her a gift or care package to help her get through it. Your girlfriend will appreciate gifts like chocolate, self care items, candles, and so much more, so why not treat her the way that she deserves and get her something extra special this month. Here is a list of some of the best gifts or care packages that you can get to support her during her period week today!

Self Care is the Number One Method to Getting Through the Week

There’s nothing a girl loves and appreciates more than self care. When life takes over with the stress and anxieties that come along with it, sometimes all a woman wants is to forget the world and take care of herself for a change. If this sounds like your girlfriend, we have the perfect gift for her, especially when she’s on her period. Self care during her period is the perfect time to destress and relax, so we got you covered with some of the best ideas possible!

Aromatherapy Candles are a Safe and Healthy Way to Destress

Fall candles, Christmas themed candles, and just beachy and fruity candles are perfect for any time of the day. From being extremely relaxing, and just smelling good, we know that lighting a candle is the perfect way for your girlfriend to destress from the problems going on in her life, along with trying to handle her period. We also think to help her mood swings, you should consider getting her an aromatherapy candle that provides a safe alternative to medicine that she could be using to help her symptoms, and they come in some great scents!

Consider getting your girlfriend an aromatherapy candle to help her destress during her time of the month. Image courtesy of Amazon. 

Plants, Candles, and Bath Bombs in One Package Are Perfect For Her

Does your girlfriend love plants, candles, and bath bombs? Great! We got the perfect care package for her then. With the Sending You Sunshine care package, you can get all of these together in one package and we know she’ll love it. This care package is all about positivity and just reminding her that she isn’t alone, so why not give it to her to show her how loved she is during this stressful time!

Lush Offers Some of the Most Relaxing Care Packages That She’ll Love

Do you want your girlfriend to relax during her time of the month? If so, then the Lush Relax care package is the best thing to get her to do so! Lush is a vegan cosmetics and skin care company that strives to support healthy, happy skin using some of the best all-natural ingredients for their products. The Relax care package by Lush features Sleepy shower gel, Dream Cream body lotion, and a couple of their signature bath bombs in a pretty blue and purple box that your girlfriend will fall in love with instantly. Help her relax and take care of herself with some amazing Lush products!

Let your girlfriend experiment with some of the best products that Lush has to offer in their Relax care package! Image courtesy of Lush. 

Food, Food, and More Food to Help Those Cravings

If there’s one thing that a girl loves when she’s on her period, it’s food. Food can help with those cravings that she may normally be experiencing, and chocolate is an absolute favorite among women during this time. Whether you get her some care packages involving strictly chocolate, cookies and brownies, or even salty snacks like chips, pretzels, and so much more, there’s always something that you can find to give your girlfriend that she’ll love during her time of the month!

Chocolate Brownies in One Care Package Can Help Those With a Sweet Tooth

We think that brownies are one of the sweetest and best treats of all, so we think that you need to treat your girlfriend to some too! If you’re concerned about actually making them yourself, why not get her the Thinking of You Delicious Dozen Care Package that comes with twelve different kinds of brownies that she’ll love. With flavors like mint chocolate, crunchy pecan, and so much more, your girlfriend is going to love all of these, and best of all, it will help her chocolate cravings that she’s getting on her period.

Get your girlfriend the Thinking of You Delicious Dozen Care Package that comes with twelve different flavors of brownies that will satisfy her chocolate cravings on her period! Image courtesy of Care Packages. 

Cookies and Chocolate Covered Pretzels are the Winners During Period Week

Is there a better combo than cookies and chocolate covered pretzels? Well, we’re not sure we can think of anything better, so why not get your girlfriend a care package full of the best chocolate covered pretzels and cookies around? This care package contains the essentials for women on their period, like buttercream frosted sugar cookies, chocolate covered deluxe pretzels, toffee covered deluxe pretzels, and so much more. Just the look of this care package will make your girlfriend’s day, so why not get her something she loves with chocolate covered pretzels and cookies today!

Sweet and Salty Popcorn is a Great Snack to Satisfy Both Her Sweet Tooth and Savory Kick

Is popcorn your girlfriend’s favorite snack? We know how much popcorn means to her, so why not get her a two-gallon tin of three different kinds of popcorn! Coming with the classic favorites, butter, cheddar, and crunchy caramel, she can get the best of both the sweet and savory side to popcorn. Also, if you get the Creative Color popcorn tin, it comes with markers to color in the popcorn tin to make it even more fun for your girlfriend while she’s laid up in bed.

We believe that sweet and salty popcorn is the best, so make sure to get your girlfriend the Creative Color Two Gallon Popcorn Tin to eat and color on today! Image courtesy of The Popcorn Factory. 

Help Her Period Week Go Smoothly With These Feel Good Remedies

There are a lot of different things that women need to get through the horrible period cramps they may experience, or even just to help them deal with their sporadic mood swings that come with that time of the month. With heating pads alleviating cramps, vitamins to take during that week, and so much more can help a woman feel better with all the stress that comes with a period. If you want to help her feel better, get her these awesome gifts to help the pain that comes with the arrival of Mother Nature.

Daily Gummy Vitamins for PMS Relief are Essential For Your Girlfriend

Have you ever heard of FLO PMS relief vitamins? Well, with this daily gummy vitamin, your girlfriend will easily be able to feel better during that time of the month with her symptoms of her period coming to a halt. These vitamins are great for helping to stop cramps, bloating, mood swings, and hormonal acne to make it easier to get through the week. The PMS relief vitamins are vegan, gluten free, non-GMO, and even cruelty free, so it gives you an even better reason to purchase them!

Get your girlfriend some of the FLO PMS relief gummy vitamins today to help tackle bloating, cramping, mood swings, and even hormonal acne on her period! Image courtesy of FLO. 

Heating Pads are a Lifesaver When Relieving Cramps

If you ask your girlfriend, they will most likely say that cramps are the worst part of Mother Nature. Cramps can be debilitating and even cause a girl to lay in bed all day because of how painful they can be. She can miss out on work, going to class, or other activities that she should be present at. Well, help your girlfriend out with those bad cramps with a heating pad that she can easily lay on her stomach and just relax while the heat helps to eliminate that terrible feeling sitting in her stomach. Heating pads are a lifesaver when it comes to cramps, so make sure to get your girlfriend one today!

Just Get Her a PMS Care Package With All of the Essential Things She’ll Need

If you are nervous about not getting your girlfriend the right thing, then have no fear. We think that if you get her a PMS care package full of medication to help her deal with the cramping, chocolate to help her cravings, and tampons and pads to make sure she’s covered at all times. All of the gifts in this PMS care package are perfect if she’s on the go because she can easily fit it into her purse to take with her whenever and wherever! This is one of the best gifts to get her, so why not treat her like a princess and show her that you care with this simple care package.

Get your girlfriend the PMS care package full of all the essentials she’ll need for the dreaded time of the month. Image courtesy of Etsy.

PMSing is not fun. At all. It’s a struggle for every woman and depending on how bad their symptoms are, it can be excruciatingly painful and even take an emotional toll on her. We know that you want to be the loving and caring partner in her life, so we think that by getting her a gift or care package to give to her while she’s on her period would mean everything to her. She will greatly love and appreciate the care that went into the gift for her rough week.

We hope that we were able to help you find the perfect care package for your girlfriend that’s on her period. Is there a gift or care package that you think would be perfect for your girlfriend for this time of the month that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!

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