June 8, 2020

Hippity Hoppity the Easter Bunny is on Their Way With the Top Care Packages For Kids

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Easter is a wonderful time of the year to spend with family, and something that kids look forward to every year. Kids get excited for this holiday for many sweet reasons. From eating lots of candy, hunting for Easter eggs, decorating eggs, and waiting for the Easter Bunny to come so they can search for their Easter baskets, Easter is a wonderful and bright time of the year.

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We know everyone is excited for the Easter bunny to come, and we understand that it can be difficult when it comes to gift giving during this time of the year as well. Well, lucky for you there are lots of different ideas with many gifts and care packages that you can get for the young ones. If you’re struggling with figuring out what to get your child, niece, nephew, or even your grandchild, here are some of the best Easter care packages for a hoppy good time!

Candy and More Candy is What Every Kid Loves For Easter

There is nothing that everyone loves more for Easter than candy, especially kids. Kids love candy no matter what time of the year it is. Their sweet tooth gets them excited whenever holidays pop up where candy is a very important aspect of it. From Easter, chocolate bunnies, Peeps, Sweet Tarts, and so much more, why not get them a care package full of deliciously sweet goodies?

A Care Package Full of Tasty Goodies Will Get Any Kid Excited

If you’re thinking about getting a kid something tasty, sweet, and packed full with some of the best goodies possible, then make sure to get them this End of Semester Support Plan Care Package. Although it might be aimed more towards college students, kids are definitely able to enjoy it. From goodies such as M&M’s, Oreos, gummy bears, Skittles, popcorn, and so much more, this is a care package that you don’t want to miss out on for kids for Easter!

Get the End of Semester Support Plan Care Package even for little kids because of all the tasty snacks in it! Image courtesy of Care Packages. 

Gourmet Rice Krispy Treats? You Kid Would Definitely Say Yes to This!

Do you know a kid that is in love with Rice Krispy treats? If so, then you need to stop what you’re doing and get them this amazing Classic Double Dozen Rice Krispies Treats Assortment today! These gourmet Rice Krispy treats feature toppings such as sprinkles, marshmallows, Oreo’s, Reese’s Pieces, and even glitter! Why not check out these gourmet treats out for yourself and get them for a kid in your life today!

Cookies Are the Way to a Child’s Heart One Bite at a Time

All kids love cookies, this is a known fact! If you know a kid that is just as obsessed with cookies as the next kid, then make sure to get them the Mrs. Fields Cookie Crate Crate Combo today! This huge crate is filled to the brim with cookies in flavors, such as frosted sugar, chocolate chip, and so much more. It even comes with brownie bites, and toffee-nut popcorn too. Can you get more delicious than that? Why not get them this sweet gift today!

Get a kid the Mrs. Field Cookie Crate Combo for Easter as it is filled with lots of delicious cookies, brownie bites, and even sweet popcorn! Image courtesy of Care Packages. 

All Kids Love Toys, Stuffed Animals, and Games and They Make Great Gift Ideas

Are you thinking about getting a kid something that you know for sure they will like? Well, what about something Easter themed that includes toys, books, games, stuffed animals, and so much more! There are lots of fun Easter toys that you can get children, but if you’re having trouble finding the perfect gift to get them that’s Easter themed, don’t worry, we got your back! Here are a few toy Easter gift ideas that we think any child would love!

Highlights Magazines - But Make Them Easter-Themed

Do you remember Highlights magazines? Those ones with all of the puzzles in them? Well, even if they might be old school, it’s better than kids sitting around playing on their iPads all day, so why not get them an Easter gift set of Highlights magazines! This gift set comes with five different magazines full of puzzles, hidden pictures to highlight, crafts for them to try out with their family, and even some terrific Easter tales. This is a great gift to get any kid, so make sure to get them some Easter Highlights magazines today!

Remember Highlights magazines? We do! Get a kid in your life some Easter-themed Highlights magazines today! Image courtesy of Highlights.

A Customizable Stuffed Animal and Some Candy? Of Course a Kid Would Like This!

Everyone knows that stuffed bunnies are very popular around Easter time. If you want to get a young one a cute stuffed bunny and some Easter candy, why not get them this Easter care package with a personalized stuffed animal in it! Not only can you select from a pink or blue bunny, a white lamb, or a yellow chick, but you can also put the child’s name on it and get some tasty Easter candy with it too. With a cute stuffed animal and some sweet candy, this makes for the perfect Easter gift for any kid!

A Personalized Easter Basket Filled With Goodies Makes For a Good Gift

There is nothing more sweet and nicer to get a kid for Easter than an Easter basket full of candy and more. Why not get a kid this Tie Dye Easter Basket that you can personalize, and even fill up with goodies! This Tie Dye Easter Basket is super soft and plushy and it’s great for your kid to either fill up with Easter eggs on an Easter egg hunt, or even for you to fill up with some of their favorite snacks and candy. This is a great gift perfect for any kid in your life!

The Tie Dye Easter Basket makes for a perfect gift idea for kids to fill up with Easter eggs on an Easter egg hunt, or for you to fill with candy! Image courtesy of Personal Creations. 

Easter Crafts Can Bring You and Your Family Together

Something that all kids should do and enjoy is making crafts! Not only are they able to let their creative juices flow with making some unique drawings, paintings, and so much more, but they are able to explore a side of them they may have never known possible. Doing crafts is important to boost a kids’ creativity, so why not help them out with this by getting them some amazing crafts that are Easter-themed!

Plant Spring Flowers and Decorate the Flower Pots Too

Are you interested in gardening, and your kid is just as interested as you are? Well, what better way to get your child into gardening by setting up the garden pots by decorating them! With the Garden Pot Craft Kit, a kid will be able to decorate papier-mâché pots with foam ladybugs, frogs, bees, flowers, and so much more. Then comes the fun part, where they can start planting beautiful spring flowers. What better way to prepare a kid for Easter and springtime than with a Garden Pot Craft Kit today!

Prepare a kid for the bright and beautiful Spring season by decorating flower pots to plant some pretty flowers! Image courtesy of Oriental Trading. 

Coloring is a Hobby For Every Kid, So Why Not Get Them an Easter Coloring Book

There is one thing that all kids learn what to do from an early age, and that’s learn how to color. From learning how to stay in the lines and even learning their colors, kids are known to explore coloring books at a young age. Why not get a kid a few Easter coloring books, and some crayons, colored pencils, or markers for a kid for Easter! This combo would be perfect for any child who loves to color, so what are you waiting for? Help them understand their creative side with some fun coloring books!

Painting and Dyeing Easter Eggs is a Tradition For Many Families

Every year, millions of kids dye Easter eggs on or around Easter time. Who knew taking some hard-boiled eggs and dying them and painting them would be so much fun! Well, if you know a kid that loves dyeing Easter eggs, then why not get them the Squishy Eggs Painting Kit today! This kit comes with paint, brushes, and even squishy eggs to paint for kids to get creative while decorating eggs before they eat them later. This is a great gift, especially for Easter time, so why not get together, bond, and dye some Easter eggs with a kid in your life today!

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