October 26, 2020

Most Essential COVID-19 Gifts and Care Packages to Give a Loved One

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With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it can be an exhausting or emotional time for people. Many people can feel stressed and worried about contracting the virus, or even just feel overwhelmed in general. Although this is a tough time for us all, many people seem to be taking it harder than others, especially when it changes their normal day to day activities. With kids not being able to go back to school, to the elderly in nursing homes missing their families, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on us all.

Do you know somebody that is very stressed out about the pandemic and the spread of the COVID-19 virus? Are they self-quarantining and wishing they could go out in the world and do the things they used to do? Do you know someone that is sick with COVID-19 and in the hospital recovering? Whatever the case may be, we have you covered with the top gifts and care packages for anyone struggling with this devastating virus. 

Stockpiling on Food During This Time is a Must

Although it may not be essential like it was when the pandemic first started, stockpiling on food so you don’t have to go out to the grocery store as often is important during this time. With the essentials being bread, milk, eggs, and much more, we believe that any gift involving food would be great for someone you know who are either sick and self isolating, or even for someone who is voluntarily self quarantining to protect themselves. 

Healthy Snacks are Always a Perfect Go to

Do you know someone that loves to eat healthy and work out, but are unable to go to the gym because of the pandemic and the closing down of many gyms? If so, we recommend getting them the Harry & David Grand Signature Gift Package! This care package comes with fruit like pears and apples, and even many different kinds of cheese, crackers, dips, and nuts to make for the perfect healthy snack care package!

Get a loved one this Harry & David Grand Signature Care Package today to stay healthy and fit! Image courtesy of Harry & David.

Maybe Get Them a Gift to Satisfy Their Sweet Tooth

Does your loved one have all of their essential goodies that they need for a while, but just want something sweet? You can always get them a care package full of chocolate and other sweet treats to cheer them up during this time! With the Chocolate, Caramel, and Crunch Grand Gift Basket, it comes with chocolate covered pretzels, caramel covered popcorn, Ghirardelli chocolate squares, and so much more to make their day.

Get Them a Little Bit of Everything

Stuck on what kind of food to get them? Why not just a little bit of everything with the Favorite Home Snacks Care Package! Coming with classic favorites such as Cheez-Its, Top Ramen, Chips Ahoy, pistachios, Snickers, and so much more, you can get this person in your life a little bit of everything to help them feel better during the pandemic. We know that this is a stressful time for lots of people, so why not get them a food gift with a little bit of everything in it!

Get a loved one protecting themselves from COVID-19 the ultimate Favorite Home Snacks Care Package to keep them full and happy during this uncertain time. Image courtesy of Care Packages.

Help Them Out When Their Struggling With a Lack of Social Interaction

During this time, it is essential that we stay connected to our loved ones, at a distance that is. We are all craving social interaction at this time, and staying connected to your loved ones is a must. Whether this is through FaceTime, calling, or even texting, it is essential we remind everyone that they are loved even if we can’t see them. If you really want to make their day, get them a gift or care package that tells them how loved they are!

Remind Them to Practice Self Care During This Time

Self care is essential for everybody. Whether you prefer taking a bubble bath or even just cleansing your skin, it is important to take care of your body while you’re fighting this virus. Sometimes the one thing that can easily make you feel better is by taking a bath, so get someone this bath gift set! This care package comes with bath bombs, bath salts, a wine tumbler that can be personalized with their name on it, and so much more!

Get your friend or loved one the perfect bath gift set to practice self care while in quarantine! Image courtesy of Brilliant Gifts.

Mediate Into Relaxation With This Fun Care Package

Some people like to meditate or do yoga to help them destress and take care of their bodies. If this sounds like someone you know, then we think the perfect care package to get them is this Yoga Lovers care package! This care package comes with a water bottle, a yoga pose book, a yoga strap, a yoga mat cleaner with a towel, a candle, and so much more. This is a cute idea for a friend or family member of yours that needs a good reason to help them destress and focus on themselves, and this care package can help to remind them you care about them and their well being!

Get an Uplifting Gift Full of Goodies to Cheer Them Up

We know you want someone you love that is self isolating to know that they are loved and are not alone in this crazy world. There’s nothing better to get someone than a Thinking of You Gift Basket that comes with hand lotion, a green tea assortment, shortbread cookies, and other small cute things that your loved one will appreciate. With this simple gift, you can easily remind them how much they mean to you and that they’re not alone. 

Get someone you love the Thinking of You Gift Basket to remind them how much you care about them during this time! Image courtesy of It’s Only Natural Gifts.

Make Them Feel Better and Beat the Virus With These Thoughtful Gifts

Do you know someone who currently has or had COVID-19? Even if they aren’t sick anymore, they can still have long lasting effects from it, so it is important for them to take care of themselves. Whether it’s sending them some soup, personal protective equipment, or anything else to help them take care of themselves and keep them safe, it’s a great idea during these trying times. We hope that this person in your life gets better, and we know you do too, so make sure to get them something thoughtful to feel better!

Soup is the Ultimate Healing Tool For Someone Who is Sick

We think that there’s nothing better than some delicious soup to make you feel better. Chicken noodle, Italian wedding, ramen, and ultimately any soup is perfect for helping someone to overcome sickness. If you know someone that has been sick, or struggling to recover from COVID-19, make sure to get them a soup care package while they’re self isolating, or even in the hospital recovering to help them feel warm on the inside and out. 

Soup is the ultimate healer of every sickness, so help someone feel all warm and fuzzy inside with a delicious bowl of soup in a soup care package! Image courtesy of Spoonful of Comfort.

Games are a Great Way to Pass the Time to Feel Better

Sometimes when you’re sick, it can feel like time is just dragging. If you know someone that is alone in isolation dealing with the effects of COVID-19, what better gift to get them to pass the time while recovering than this Get Will Gift With Games! It comes with crossword puzzles, sudoku puzzles, word finders, and many different card games, this care package is perfect for someone who loves games and can keep them occupied on their road to recovery.

A Typical Get Well Care Package with a Little Bit of Everything is Perfect

We all know those typical get well care packages where they come with a teddy bear, snacks, and other goodies. Well, they're actually perfect to get for someone! Even if they’re simple gifts, they can be thoughtful and full of meaning to the person you’re giving them to. This Get Well Gift of Sunshine care package contains a teddy bear, fuzzy socks, a candle, a word finder, cookies, and many other little gifts that someone either self quarantining, or even in the hospital would absolutely adore. 

Get someone you love this adorable Get Well Gift of Sunshine care package to support them while they are recovering from COVID-19. Image courtesy of Amazon. 

Many people didn’t see the COVID-19 pandemic approaching, but when it came, it not only affected our own lives, but it affected the people around us as well. Many people are suffering not only from the virus, but they are also suffering from feeling alone, losing their jobs and businesses, and much more. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the lives of everyone in some way and it can be extremely stressful for some people more than others.

We hope that we were able to help you find the perfect care package for someone that is self quarantining, or even suffering with COVID-19, but on their way to recovery. Is there a COVID-related care package that you think would be perfect for a loved one, but we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!

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