November 29, 2019

Parents Corner: Care Packages Can Be The Morale Boost Needed For Finals

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It’s that time of year again: finals season. You probably know this from conversations with your student(s) about due dates and paper lengths. They may be stressed because of course exams and lab reports all piling up. Finals can be challenging for even the toughest students so why not send them a little boost of support and love during this trying time? Here’s why care packages are the best ways to show them you believe in them.

They’ll Need Some Luxury

Getting through finals week is like surviving a train wreck. You’re tired, living in the library, and running on precious little sleep. There is nothing luxurious about that kind of life. But receiving some upgraded chocolates and treats in a care package is! With a care package full of scrumptious snack mixes and Belgian chocolate, your student will feel they earned that time out from the chaos to sit back and enjoy the finer things in life.

They’ll Need Fuel to Power Through

Taking final exams and writing those last papers before the end of the semester is a little like running your first marathon. Every mile gets tougher along the way. But it’s so worth it in the end. Sending a fitness buff some of their favorite pre- and post-workout eats is a good reminder that fueling up for the work is important.

They’ll Want a Little Laugh

Waking up to a package full of snacks is always a good surprise. Waking up to a package full of your favorite treats, delivered in a cute “survival tube,” and sent with an encouraging note is a whole other story! Going big with a survival kit of classic candy will bring a smile to their face and a pep in their steps.

They’ll Want a Break Time Reminder

With no time to spare, taking some time for yourself is nearly impossible during the final weeks of classes. As parents, you’ll want to remind your student that a little peace and quiet can go a long way. With a sunny and sweet care package complete with hot drinks, fruit, and snacks, you can’t go wrong! They’ll thank you for the best break ever.

They’ll Want to Share With Friends

Study groups, roommates, teammates, and more… your student is probably not studying all by themselves! With deluxe care packages, you can send more than just a single serving of chips and candy. Instead, go big with treats they can share with the entire team (and more). Imagine being the friend who brings in the two dozen gourmet cookie tray!

They’ll Need to Stay Healthy

Unfortunately, the fall semester comes at a bad time to be unhealthy. Not only is it cold, dry, and bleak in most of the country, but it’s also prime cold and flu season! To beat off sickness, conquer the seasonal blues, and stay in peak physical health, you may want to steer away from giving candy and treats and instead go for something more seasonal. A healthy blend of munchies, soups, and hot drinks is the perfect care package combo.

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