June 28, 2019

Parents Corner: The Best Care Packages For Freshmen

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If there’s one thing that is universally true of college students, it’s that there’s nothing better than receiving a care package. Care packages, especially for freshmen going off to their first residence halls or apartments, are a great way to send a little love and support. These freshman-inspired gifts are the best way to show you’re thinking of them.

Welcome Package

A big milestone deserves an awesome gift to go along with it. The Welcome Package and Move-In Mug is just the right sentiment. The new dorm dweller will get a shiny new mug packed with favorite instant drinks (including hot cocoa) and enough snacks to be the envy of their roommates. From popcorn to Airheads, your package recipient will settle right in with a stocked pantry of goodies.

Fitness Fuel

With cafeteria food, takeout, and late night snacks in your focused student’s way, eating healthy can be a big issue. Start them off on the right foot with a care package full of healthy, delicious, and energizing treats. The Fitness Fuel package includes super popular Clif Bars made for an after-gym treat, gel shots for endurance athletes, PowerBar for protein packed nutrition, and muscle recovery teas for rest days. Whether your student is keeping up with their routine or wanting to avoid the Freshman 15, this package encourages them to be their best.

Hang In There

College isn’t all new friends and wild parties. Oftentimes, it’s a bad grade on a paper or a fight with a new roommate. If your student is getting discouraged, a little pick-me-up can really help to make him or her feel better. That’s where the adorable Hang In There package comes in. It’s a little bit of fun with the hanging monkey and package of animal crackers and it’s a lot of treats with Tootsie Rolls and chips.    


Healthy Soups and Teas

From changing weather to living side-by-side with other students, college is crawling with opportunities to get sick. But even if parents are far away and no one can make your student’s favorite comfort foods, a Sick Day care package can help get them back on their feet. Our Healthy Soups and Teas set is a blend of classic soups like split pea and minestrone, as well as comforting Yogi blend teas. While you can’t be there to pour the hot water for the mixes, this makes it a little easier for them to get better faster.

Homesick Helper

Being away from home for an extended period of time isn’t like summer camp or a summer vacation. It can be much harder to handle, especially with the added stress of school. You can pick up their spirits and send a reminder that you miss them just as much by sending the Homesick Helper.

Along with a personalized note (which can be done for every package), your freshman will be surprised by an almost endless amount of sweets and favorite staples like M&Ms, Pop-Tarts, Lifesavers, Kraft Mac and Cheese, Act II Popcorn, and Cheerios (just to name a few).Sending your freshman off to college can be emotional for both you and the student. But you can send love year round with packages meant to surprise, wow, and comfort them.

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