March 12, 2020

Prepare Yourself For the Best Summer Ever With the Top Summer Camp Care Packages

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Sometimes camping is really all you need. With the smell of fresh air in your nose, jumping and swimming in lakes, cooking mountain pies and hot dogs by the fire (and making smores immediately afterwards), and even telling ghost stories by the fire are some of the best ways to take in your surroundings-- and just have fun with nature. By encompassing yourself with what you have around you, you’re able to appreciate Earth for what it is and it also helps you to take a step back from reality to just relax.

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Summer camps are super popular once the weather starts to warm up, especially for kids. Many teenagers volunteer to become counselors as well to not only experience the beautiful summer weather, but to allow children younger than them to have just as much fun doing lots of outdoor activities. Do you know someone that is going to a summer camp to participate in it, or even be a volunteer watching over little ones? Why not make sure they’re ready to go with these awesome gifts and care packages today!

The Essentials When Camping Outside For Long Periods of Time

When it comes to camping outside, there are a lot of different essentials that you will need to have a good time, and of course to stay protected while out in the woods. From sleeping bags, to bug spray, and so much more, make sure to check out all of these essential gifts that you can get someone going to summer camp!

Sleeping Bags to Keep You Warm and Comfortable

Everyone has to own a sleeping bag right? Well, if you know someone that doesn’t have one, or they just need a new one, then make sure to check out this lightweight sleeping bag perfect for the summer, spring, or fall! Coming in many different colors, this lightweight sleeping bag has a weather-resistant design to keep you warm and dry no matter what the weather looks like, and it can help you have a relaxing night’s sleep after a long day of adventure!

Get someone this amazing lightweight sleeping bag perfect for summer camp to keep you warm and dry as you sleep! Image courtesy of Amazon. 

Keep the Bugs Away with the Most Essential Item: Bug Spray

If you want to truly help someone protect themselves from the harmful mosquitoes and other bugs that are around more in the summertime, you need to get someone a can of OFF or Repel bug spray so they can protect themselves from harmful and even itchy mosquito bites, and so much more. If you prefer a more natural way to repel bugs, then white vinegar and apple cider vinegar are perfect too! Make sure your loved one is protected from those annoying pests while they’re having fun camping!

Fire Starters to Get a Fire Going as Quick as Possible

There’s one known fact when it comes to camping, and it’s that fire starters make lighting a fire so much easier. Instead of trying to rub two sticks together in hopes that you’ll catch a spark, why not get a loved one a fire starter instead! Fire starters make lighting fires that much easier to make sure someone is warm and to even make food by the fire. Help someone get rid of the burden that is starting their own fire and get them a simple fire starter instead!

Fire starters are essential when it comes to camping, and they make it easier than rubbing two sticks together! Image courtesy of Elk Ridge. 

Pack the Right Clothing For Camping in the Summer

There’s one thing that may be difficult to do, and it’s figuring out the best clothes to get in order to successfully camp outside. The summertime can be brutal, especially depending on what time of the year you go, so it’s important to pack some essential clothing items with you as well. Check out these awesome and essential clothes to have a successful camping trip!

Moisture-Wicking Shirts are Essential For the Hot Weather

Something that we recommend getting somebody, clothing-wise, for those hot summer months are moisture-wicking shirts! Moisture-wicking shirts are great for the summer months because even if you sweat, or even get wet from swimming, or from rain, these shirts dry super easily. These shirts also provide a super comfortable fit that is perfect no matter what kind of physical activity you’re getting into while camping. Get some quick-dry, moisture-wicking shirts today, and overstock on them if you can!

Get some awesome moisture-wicking shirts today to ensure that you’ll be comfortable while camping in the summer! Image courtesy of Amazon. 

A Pair of Water Shoes and Know All of the Benefits of Them

Water shoes are a great thing to have, especially when you’re going camping. We think that you should definitely get someone a pair of water shoes for their journey camping through the woods this summer. Water shoes are great because they provide breathability, comfortability, and improved water flow whenever they are submerged. They also dry a lot quicker as well and they do a better job of keeping your feet warm or cool with the insulation built into them. Why not get a pair for someone you love today!

Baseball Caps or Wide-Brimmed Hats Are Good to Protect Your Face From the Sun

It is known that the sun can be quite harmful to your skin when you’re exposed to too much of it. Since you’ll be camping outside in the middle of the summer, the sun’s rays can be more damaging. Along with applying sunscreen religiously throughout your camping trip, it is also recommended to get a baseball cap or even a wide brimmed hat that will do the job of keeping them protected from the sun’s damaging rays. Hats do a great job of even helping you to see better with the sun beating down on you as well, so why not get a hat for a loved one going camping today!

Get a baseball cap or a wide-brimmed hat to keep your face protected from the sun while on a summer camping trip! Image courtesy of REI.

Pack Enough Food For Your Summer Camping Trip

Whenever you’re camping, even if it’s for a couple days, it’s completely necessary and essential to pack all of the food that you may need. Whether this is snacks, the ingredients to make s’mores, everything you need to make hot dogs or hamburgers, or even pre-made meals perfect for camping outside for long periods of time, it’s important to make sure you have enough food and water to take with you. Here are some of the best snacks, and more to bring with you on a summer camping trip to get for a loved one!

Get a Care Package Filled With Their Favorite Snacks From Home

There is nothing more comforting, or reassuring than eating snacks that remind you of home. We think to help a kid, or even a teenager to prevent them from becoming homesick, and to keep their hunger satisfied, then you need to get them the Favorite Home Snacks Care Package today! This care package comes with all of the goodies, such as Cheez-Its, trail mix, ramen noodles, pretzels, candy, and so much more. Make sure to get it for someone going on a summer camping trip!

Get the Favorite Home Snacks Care Package to keep their hunger satisfied and to also help to remind them of home when they’re feeling homesick! Image courtesy of Care Packages. 

S’mores Are a Necessity For Any Camping Trip

Do you know someone going on a camping trip that loves s’mores with a passion? Well, we got the perfect gift for them that you definitely need to get them and that’s this S’mores Care Package made by someone off of Etsy! This creative care package includes different flavors of Hershey’s chocolate bars, graham crackers, chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, marshmallows, and so much more. Help a loved one make the ultimate s’more on their camping trip today!

Make the Ultimate Breakfast With All of the Ingredients You Need in a Bucket

If you’re looking to get someone the ultimate care package for going on a summer camping trip, then you need to get them this Ultimate Breakfast Kit with over 140 servings of food to last them a long time! All of this food is packed in heavy-duty packaging to ensure its freshness and it comes with maple oatmeal, buttermilk pancakes, freeze-dried strawberries, powdered whey milk, an orange energy mix, and even scrambled eggs. Get this awesome Ultimate Breakfast Kit for someone you love going camping today!

Get the Ultimate Breakfast Kit for someone you know is going on a camping trip so make sure they never run out of food! Image courtesy of My Patriot Supply. 

Going camping can be super fun with all of the fun activities that you can have fun doing. It’s important before you go camping to have all of the essentials that you may need, like food, shelter, clothing, bug spray, sunscreen, and so much more. Summer camping trips can be exciting for anyone no matter how old they are. If you know someone that is going to a summer camp, make sure to prepare them for their trip with all of the camping essentials they may need!

Is there a summer camping gift or care package that you love, but we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!

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