January 3, 2020

Putting Together the Ultimate Galentine's Day Care Package

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Galentine's Day Care Package

If having a best friend has taught us anything, it’s that there are many types of love, all of which deserve to be celebrated this Galentine’s Day. Celebrate this February the 13th with your favorite ladies. Get together, go out special, and maybe even give her the ultimate Galentine’s Day care package! But what do you include in it? You know your best friend more than perhaps anyone else, so you’re the most qualified to know what goes into your Galentine’s care package. However, if you’re struggling with coming up with ideas, this should get you started. 

This article covers:

  • Self-care products
  • Start an adventure
  • Personal touch

She Deserves Some Relaxation

You’ve heard all her rants about work and have had long conversations about the things that trouble her the most these days. Everyone has bad days, and you’ve probably seen hers and helped her through it. For Galentine’s Day, help her get into a real zone of relaxation with some self-care products. Something she can use for the day, or save away for a bad day to come. Either way, it’s a great way to show you’ve heard her and know she needs a break. And you’re here to give it to her. 

Favorite Candy and Snacks

You know what it is that your friend is always craving. The usual suspects: ice cream, chocolate, and salty snacks. This Galentine’s Day, you’re bringing the comfort foods to her. Buy what you can remember she likes, and you’ve already got a great foundation to this care package. 


Hmmm, smells so good. A good candle will always get you in a relaxing mood. Buy her a candle that she can bring home and light when she’s feeling down or needing to calm down. And bonus, when she lights it she’ll be thinking of you and how you light her world. Too cheesy? She’ll think so too.  

Her Favorite Drink

Galentine’s Day may be needing a little alcohol to get it started. Get her a nice wine, bubbly champagne, or a tropical, over-the-top drink to make Galentine’s Day both relaxing and fun. If alcohol isn’t her or either of your styles, you can still have fun with the drinks. Include in the care package her favorite soda or juice, or the ingredients to a delicious mocktail. 

Share a drink with your best friend this Galentine’s Day. Whatever you two are in the mood for, you can sneak it into your care package to get the celebration started. 

Spoil Her With Flowers

Who said friends can’t give each other flowers? We get flowers from boyfriends, girlfriends, and in congratulations of big achievements we’ve accomplished. Your friendship is a great achievement that needs to be acknowledged and celebrated! Go small, or even more fun, go big and wild. Get her a large bouquet that you guys can gush over, or maybe make fun of. If your friend is the type to enjoy taking care of plants at home, consider adding to the care package some potted plants she can nurture.  

Books and Games

Is your friend a reader? A gamer? We’re always looking for new ways to occupy our time, and I’m sure your friend would appreciate your suggestions on what book to read next, or game to play next. Share with her your favorite book or game; it’ll be something you can talk to her later about. Or if you know she’s had her eye on a certain book or game, get it for her! Or if you’re a bit of a jokester, get her something that looks just terrible. Reading it together or playing through it together will be a fun way to wind down Galentine’s Day. 

Continuing the Friendship

You have had a great start to your friendship, and you may be trying to think up new ways of spending time with her. Include in the Galentine’s Day care package your next adventure. You guys have been talking about going to that certain place for a long time? You both share an experience on your bucket list? Make it a reality and turn goals into plans. 

Spa Day

A day of relaxation. Perhaps something you’ve never tried before because you don’t want to go alone. Sounds like the perfect thing to do with a best friend. It’s something that would likely benefit both you and your friend. Buy some tickets and tuck them into your care package. Just wait until you see the look on her face!

If either of you have especially needed a break, consider treating yourselves to a spa day. Go to a spa together for the sauna and messages. Or just stay at home and paint your nails and try some face masks. 

Gift Card to Your Favorite Restaurant

Eating out is one of the best feelings in the world. Until the check comes. Take that stress away by giving your best friend a coupon to her favorite restaurant. She can use it to dine alone, or now you have an excuse to go out together to eat and chat. It’s essentially paying for her meal, but it’s also an invitation to go out and have fun without stressing about money for a night. 

A Small Vacation

We all have dreams of vacations. Some are small, like road trips to somewhere three states over, or going to the next town over and taking their haunted tour. And then there are the big vacations of getting on a plane and seeing new parts of the world, or diving into an activity that doesn’t seem possible to do right now. Everyone’s budget is different, and now every vacation can come to pass. But you can start on one of them. In the Galentine’s Day care package, add plane tickets to China, or a printout of the confirmation email that says you two are going skydiving. Or include a drawing of the friendship tattoo you guys are finally getting. The small vacation you make possible will make any best friend beam with delight. 

Show How Well You Know Her

If this care package hasn’t gotten personal enough, you add the more personal items. Something that shows you really care about her, and are grateful for your friendship. This might turn Galentine’s Day into a crying fest, but we’ll take that risk!

Inside Joke

Got a hilarious inside joke? Use it now. Add that gnome into the package and see if she gets it. Make everything in the care package yellow. Include that thing she claims to hate adamantly. Get a laugh out of her!


Perhaps you want to symbolize your strong relationship with some jewelry. You have so much besties jewelry to choose from. Matching necklaces, bracelets, rings, and more. You can also create your own charm bracelet that tells the story of your relationship. 

When you buy or make friendship jewelry, you wear it with pride. Make something special to add to your care package, or pick something out in store. Either way she’ll love it!

Something She’s Needed But Hasn’t Gotten Around to Getting

See, you have been listening. You know she’s been needing this but has been too lazy to actually get it. But not to worry, because you got it for her! Sometimes we need small things like hair ties, lotion, or a travel mug. Let her know you’ve been paying attention and care for her by getting her the small things she needs. 


Lastly, you need to give her some of your words. In written form, if you’d like. Letters and cards have strong sentimental value. All you need to do is write how you feel. Homemade cards have a great personal touch, but a bought card works just as well. Reflect on the year and your relationship and fill in the blank spaces with your doodles. Write something you wouldn’t write to anyone else.

This Galentine’s Day, the most important thing is to find time to spend time with your friends. Raise your glasses to all the hardships and shining moments of your relationship. A Galentine’s Day care package is simply an emphasis of how much you care, and showing how you do. Spoil your friend this Galentine’s Day with a care package only you could put together. 

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