October 6, 2019

The Best Halloween Care Packages

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Halloween is here, and most college students are excited for one of the most fun nights of the year. But even though they’re long past the age to go trick or treating, that doesn’t mean you can’t provide them with a little fun this holiday! With a little help from OCM’s awesome line of themed care packages, you can treat your college student to a bit of ghoulish delight! Here are just a few of our top picks.

Signature Halloween Cupcakes

Cupcakes are totally in this season, which means your favorite student will love receiving a collection of Halloween cupcakes in their mail. Four jumbo-sized cupcakes means they can even share with a roommate or friend, and the flavors are packed with fall fun. They’ll love the Pumpkin Spiced Jack O’Lantern, Candy Corn, Spider Chocolate, and Cobweb Confetti!

Power Workout Potion

If your student’s ideal costume is 80’s workout leotards or a muscle man suit, they’re probably less concerned about sweets and more focused on getting their reps in. With the Power Workout Potion package, you’ll keep them on the right track by fueling their run or lifting session. Complete with Gel Shots, Clif Bars, and Yogi Tea, there’s something for every top or aspiring athlete in or out of their costume.

Power Workout Potion

Scare Package

One of our three more traditional care gifts, the Scare Package is perfect for a surprise that won’t shock the budget. Full of favorite treats from their trick or treating days, your college student will enjoy digging into bite-sized chocolate bars, M&Ms, Oreos, and more! Topped off with a spooky Pez dispenser and candy corn, they’ll be hyped up for the holiday! Want more or less, check out the Trick or Treater and the Ghoulish Goodies for even more options.

Scare Package

Haunted House Halloween Gift Tower

Looking to cast a spell on your student? The perfect package to impress is hands down the Haunted House Halloween Gift Tower. Decorated like their favorite haunted house, the boxes are filled to the brim with enough candy to last them until the holidays. The bottom layer is additionally packed with colorful candy and caramel popcorn for an extra treat they’ll really love.

Hobgoblin Healthy Blend

If your college student more terrified of gaining the freshman 15 or is focused on fitting into their favorite costume, the Hobgoblin Healthy Blend is the perfect selection. We’ve cut out the candy and honed in on the good stuff — granolas, fruit leathers, fall favorite soups, corn chips, raw apple chips, tea, and more! For a gluten free option, you can select the Gluten Free Halloween, and vegans will enjoy the Vanishing Vegan.

Hobgoblin Healthy Care Package

Love From Home Plan

You don’t have to stop at just gifting for Halloween! Care packages make every holiday special by providing your student with a little love and care straight from home. The Love From Home Plan is just one of several options that ensures your college student receives packages year round. The Love From Home features the Trick or Treater, the Valentine Surprise, the Out of the Blue Package, the Fall Finals Support Package, the Shamrock Surprise, the Easter Care Package, and the Energy Pack.

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