November 4, 2020

What to put in Fall Care Package for Your Boyfriend

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Show a little love with a fall care package for you boyfriend! It’s a great time with a lot of fun festive vibes. Plus you get to buy a bunch of cute fall stuff and get bonus points for being an amazing S.O. for putting together a nifty care package. 

Don’t worry you’re not all your own of course there are a few friendly suggestions to follow of what to pack in the fall care package for your boyfriend. 

Themed Gifts

‘Tis the season is no longer just for the winter holidays. Kick off your fall care package with a few seasonally festive gifts. 

Halloween Treats

Nothing like a sweet treat to kick off an amazing fall care package. There’s a variety of different treats you could get:

  • Halloween candy favorites- If possible try to get as close to obscure Halloween candy like Junior Mints or Bit O Honey. Although getting just their favorite candy would also do!
  • Caramel apples- Apples are in season during the Autumn months and Caramel is Fall flavor making it perfect to go into your fall care package for your boyfriend. 
  • Pumpkin bread- Pumpkin another delectable fall classic. It’s sweet, but not too decadent. 
  • Fudge- Delightful and just a little of it packs a flavorful punch. It’s a great snack treat. 
  • Fall/Thanksgiving sugar cookies- Adorably decorate sugar cookies because why not?
  • Fun Shaped Rice Krispy Treats- brings back some memories of youth and who doesn’t love a good rice krispy treat? Check out the The Classic Dozen Rice Krispies Treats™ Assortment for an elevated snack pack of 12 deliciously elevated rice krispies treats! From caramel to cotton candy there is a little something in there for everyone. 

Delightful Drinks

Fall is the beginning of switching from a cool iced coffee to something a little warmer. The cool weather naturally makes you crave a nice hot drink. There are a variety of different options to choose from for even the pickiest of pallets. 

  • Apple Cider- the warmth of refreshing fall flavors packed into one delicious drink. 
  • Hot Cocoa- for the chocolate lovers or anyone who loves marshmallows. 
  • Hot Coffee- An early morning classic.
  • Hot tea- A low key way to help wake-up. 

Fall Decorations

A little fall decor can go a long way from the magic of some halloween lights to even just a few tiny pumpkins and gords will absolutely spice up your boyfriend's office or home! These little trinkets will be a great way to help him get into the fall spirit. Don't be afraid to go a little out of the box with some cute small skeletons, small corn mazes, little ghost cutouts, some colorful fake fall leaves, and anything else you can think of. 

Warm Clothes

Another great stuffer into the Fall care package for your boyfriend is some warm clothes to prepare for the chilly seasons! Plus it's a great excuse to buy something you always wished your boyfriend would wear like a nice flannel. 


They don’t call it sweater weather for nothing. Warmth, style, fashion, and a little something you can steal from him later if you’re feeling chilly. A good pullover or vest would also do in a pinch though. 


For the boyfriend who adores scarfs or the all too often boyfriend who doesn’t have them. It’s rather odd that wearing cloth to provide neck warmth is sometimes considered to be “feminine,” but nevertheless this the perfect opportunity to get a stylish scarf to help your bae stay warm for the cooler holidays. 


The perfect his and her slippers for your fall care package for your boyfriend. Image courtesy of Amazon.

A little something to stay cozy and comfy. Easy on the feet and a nice treat for your fall care package for your boyfriend. You can take this time and make it an easy excuse to match up your slips and have cute matching bedwear! If you don’t know where to look check out these cute matching slippers from Amazon.

Football Gear

Fall marks the beginning of football season. Get him a few football related goodies to stuff your fall care package for your boyfriend. 

A Jersey

Getting a Football Jersey is the perfect stuffer for your fall care package for your boyfriend. Image courtesy of NFL Shop

Help your boyfriend dress to impress at tailgates by getting your boyfriend a fresh jersey from his favorite team. Bonus points if you can make it his favorite player! A trustworthy place to get a sturdy jersey is checking out the NFL Shop. No surprises there, you just get exactly what you ordered!

A football

Give him something he can toss around with his friends. Not only is a good size to fit into the care pack cage, but it’s more than likely something he doesn’t have or could use another one of. This gift will show some thought and maybe encourage him to get out and get a little exercise in. Plus you can bring out on Thanksgiving for entertainment! 

Some beer

A nice refreshing Blue Moon will bring a wonderful taste to your fall care package for your boyfriend, especially if you pack in an orange to go with it. Image Courtesy of Blue Moon.

If you can fit in a bottle or pack doesn’t matter. What’s a game without some beer with the buds? Pick out your boyfriend’s favorite and even try tying a cute little note to go with it. Not only will it save time on beer runs, but it’ll definitely bring a smile to your man's face. If nothing comes to beer brand wise try getting some Blue Moon and some orange slices to go with, you won’t be sorry! 

Beard care

With No Shave November coming up in Autumn months it might be a good idea to get your boyfriend some things to help maintain a beard. Besides it’s also a gift for you because it’ll help keep his beard soft and not scratchy and rough. 

Beard Soap

Beard soap is another wonderful gift to go into your fall care package for your boyfriend. Image courtesy of Amazon.

This will help keep you man’s beard fresh, squeaky, and clean. No more crumbs or mysterious residue from whatever food or drink. This will help give you a peace of mind knowing his beard is germ free and help soften up the hairs a little. Check out the Honest Amish Store on Amazon because they have a variety of good beard products.

Beard Moisturizer

Beard Moisturizer will help your boyfriend keep a well groomed beard during the fall. Image courtesy of Amazon

Beard moisturizer is great for helping penetrating dry, thick, coarse facial hair. While beard butters do help moisturizers tend to help get to the root of the dryness issue and treat it better. It’s also really amazing for help keeping your boyfriend’s beard soft and healthy. The recommended brand is Wahl.

Beard Oil

This is great for helping keep not only the facial hair soft, but also good for ensuring the skin underneath the beard is moisturized. It can be hard to get moisturizer all the way through certain thick beard types, but oil's slippery nature allows it to easily pass through rough patches of facial hair. The recommended brand to buy from is Beardbrand which has a few different scents to choose from so you can ensure there is no clash of scents from beard oil to cologne.

  • Old Money
  • Temple Smoke
  • Four Vices
  • Tree Ranger
  • Spiced Citrus
  • Tea Tree

The Extras

These are gifts that don’t necessarily fit into a fun-filled category, but by no means make them any less. This category will put a little spice in variety into your fall care package for your boyfriend. 


Blankets are universally a pretty amazing gift, but they make for an amazing fall care package stuffer because it helps keep the chilly weather away. Just make sure this blanket checks off two important blankets. One, it's nice and soft. Two, it’s big enough to fit the both you. No more arguing about who is hogging the blanket, which of course is your boyfriend- you would never do such a thing. 

A travel mug

Travel mugs are fabulous gifts for quite a few reasons. Everyone has some kind of drink they can put into the container. Whether it be one of the nice warm drinks suggested earlier or even just some plain water a travel mug will get the job done. Another great reason is you can go a lot of different directions with it. 

  • Couple’s Travel Mugs
  • Fall themed
  • Something featuring a special interest of your boyfriend
  • A funny mug
  • Something with a nice design or pattern

The beauty of the mug is that you can be versatile with your message; they pretty much make one for every scenario. Plus even if your boyfriend has one he can get a little mug rotation while the other is the wash. 


Feel free to spoil your boyfriend by getting him a new fall scent. To help fit your fall theme try getting him some outdoorsy or fresh scents like:

  • Sandalwood- for the boyfriend who works with hands.
  • Citrus- for a light scent perfect for the office or a night out.
  • Cedar- for the boyfriend who likes hiking or camping
  • Moss- for something a little unusual
  • Fresh cut grass- for the boyfriend who keeps a nice lawn.
  • Cinnamon- for a classic vibe and fits the autumn vibes pretty well.

All and all these are just a few quick and easy ideas to put into your boyfriend’s fall care package. This list is merely a jumping off point feel free to pull inspiration from any facet of your life together. You know what's best to put in your boyfriend’s fall care package.

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