September 30, 2019

Which College Care Package Should You Send To Your Student?

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As a parent with a child in college, you are always thinking about them and want to make college life as easy as possible, even if you are miles away. College care packages are the perfect way to show your love and give them something they can use and appreciate. But what kind of college care package is best to send to your student?

For The Student Missing Home

It happens, especially during the first or second semester of college. Your child might get a little homesick. And while coming home to visit during the holidays and breaks will help, sometimes they need a bit more support while they are still away. Surprising them with a care package is a great way to let them know you are proud of them and know they can get through it.The Hang In There and Homesick Helper packages, along with other support themed care packages, are the best choice for letting them know you care and are there for them. It’s full of great snacks and treats to make them feel just a bit better about being away from home.

For the Over Achiever

Is your child always studying hard for exams, writing long papers and gaining a great GPA?  We have just the care package for them. The Study Buddy, Deans List or Exam Aid care packages are best to encourage them, especially during midterms and at the end of the semester (finals?!? Say it ain’t so!). Show them that you’re proud of the work they put in and what they’ve achieved. With a mix of sweets as well as energy efficient snacks, it will keep them going even in the during those late-night study sessions at the library or study lab!


For Their Birthday

It can be tough spending a birthday away from home, especially for the first time. But a special birthday care package delivered on that special day will let your student know you’re still celebrating them! There are a couple of different options, from more personal packages to Birthday Party and Birthday Bash boxes that contain fun hats and party gear so they can throw a little celebration with friends and classmates. Give your scholar and some friends a party in a box for his or her next birthday.

For the Health Conscientious

Does your student follow a specific dietary lifestyle, like veganism or vegetarianism? Maybe they need a gluten-free box or are allergic to nuts. You can choose from our multiple options of healthy care packages and gluten-free care packages. Support your child’s healthy lifestyle (and sanity) with one of OCM’s care packages today!


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